Press release: Dressmann teams up with Swedish star stylist in new designer collaboration

D+LJ / Lalle Johnson unveils exclusive collection for Dressmann and the Norwegian Olympic Team

The collection is officially released in selected Dressmann stores and in Dressmann’s online store on 18 September.  

The exclusive collection is part of a new designer collaboration between Dressmann and the Swedish star stylist Lalle Johnson. Johnson has been working as stylist and consultant for Dressmann since 26 years. His timeless and elegant style is recognizable in the fashion world. Having worked with leading fashion magazines as well as numerous of famous fashions brands and artists; Johnson is one of the leading influencers in men fashion in Scandinavia.

“D+LJ offers ‘affordable luxury’ for all men”, Johnson says.

With more than 40 years of experience from the fashion industry, the stylist has worked with everything from world leading high-end magazines to famous fashion brands and pop artists. Now, Dressmann is up next:

“Lalle Johnson has for the last few decades marked himself out as one of Sweden's foremost stylists. With his classic and integrated style, he has also made a strong mark on the international market,” says Anthony Hendley, head of design department in Dressmann, adding:

“Naturally, we are incredibly proud of this collaboration. We are looking forward to see a lot of Lalle Johnson and his style in the Dressmann stores going forward.”

The collection consists of classic clothing such as suits, blazers, chinos, a coat, knitwear and shirts, in addition to ties and hankies.

According to Lalle Johnson himself, the collection is characterized by soft qualities and well fitted clothing which are easy to combine.

“You'll get a mix of the clean and simple Scandinavian style, and the elegant and more daring Italian flair. Exactly as you like it in your kitchen, the stylist says adding, “I'm not concerned with trends anymore. For me, fashion is about style, personality and superior quality. That’s reflected in this collection.”

You will not only be seeing the collection in selected Dressmann stores in the time coming, but also on some of Norway’s top, male athletes. Dressmann has been given the honor to dress up Norway’s Olympic and Paralympic teams at next year’s Peongchang Olympics.

Clothing from the D+LJ collection will be the athlete’s leisure and representation outfits throughout the Winter Olympics.

For more information, please contact Siri Nordby on +47 913 25 333, or email: siri.nordby@dressmann.com


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