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Jeans - How often should you wash them?

Jeans, the garment that never goes out of style, and improves with age and wear.  But how should you wash your jeans to preserve the color and fit as long as possible?

There are lots of varying opinions as to how jeans should be washed (or not washed), and the best advice is to check the washing instructions printed inside the garment.  

But how often should you really wash your favorite jeans?  Some people think jeans should never be washed, but if you absolutely must, they should not be washed at all for the first six months of wear, and as rarely as possible after that.  We have to admit, we think it’s pretty fantastic with clothes that rarely need to be washed!  It saves us time, and we can save water and energy as well.  We recommend only washing your jeans when they start to smell or have visible stains that can’t be removed with a damp cloth.  If you really feel the need to wash your jeans even though they’re not dirty, you could try airing them out first, to see if that does the trick. 

Even though many jeans can be washed at 40 degrees, we recommend washing them at 30 degrees.  This will help to preserve the original color as much as possible.  In addition, most laundry soaps these days are so effective that they remove dirt and stains at 30 degrees.

Before you throw your jeans in the machine, you should turn them inside-out, also to preserve the original color as much as possible.  Stay away from fabric softeners, as these can break down the stretch-fibers in jeans that contain elastane. 

After your jeans have been washed, it is important to turn them right-side-out again, and hang them up to dry.  If your jeans are very heavy after a round in the washing machine, you may also want to dry them flat, as hanging up heavy wet jeans can change the fitting of the garment.  

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