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Dressmann has now launched a more environmentally friendly and sustainable jeans collection, Eco-friendly Jeans, available in all Dressmann stores and online.  The collection contains four different jeans, where the focus has been to reduce the use of water, energy and chemicals, in comparison to conventional production.  By working closely together with our garment manufacturer, and with the help of the industry standard Jeanologia EIM software, we have managed to reduce the usage of water, energy and chemicals between 15-40% per style. 

Jeanologia is a Spanish company focused on innovation in garment finishing.  Jeanologia has developed the Environmental Impact Measuring software, that measures ecological footprint and labor health impact of garment finishing processes. The program analyzes categories such as water and energy consumption, the use of chemicals and the health and safety of workers. By analyzing all steps of a garment finish, the software both gives an assessment of the product, as well as highlighting areas to be improved.  The measurement tool, EIM by Jeanologia, ranks each product according to three EIM scores, Low Impact Process, Medium Impact Process, and High Impact Process. 

In addition to this, we have chosen metal buttons and rivets with a finishing process that is much more environmentally friendly than conventional finishes, as the electroplating process has been eliminated.  By not using electroplating, no toxic waste has been generated in the finishing of these metal accessories.  

We have also focused on less abrasive washes, to reduce the use of water and chemicals, and to reduce the wear on the fiber, so that the jeans will be more durable, and last longer.  The 100% cotton fabrics are ring-spun, to achieve a softer, more durable fabric, which will look nicer over time.  Dressmann is committed to sustainable cotton sourcing, and we have partnered with The Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally.  Read more about BCI at 

Clothing production generally, and specifically denim production, has always represented an environmental challenge for our industry.  Dressmann is very focused on finding the most environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes.  Launching the Eco-friendly jeans collection is the first step for us towards achieving a more environmentally friendly total jeans collection. 

Dressmann will continue our work toward making our production of clothing more sustainable.  Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our production as much as possible, by pushing forward with the latest innovations, and looking for the best solutions in the production process.  


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