Basic shirt

Our Basic shirts are designed to cover the basic wardrobe requirements for the well-dressed gentleman. They come in regular fit, in single-colored and checkered. These shirts are as practical as they are stylish, with qualities that make them easy-iron and comfortable. Like all of our shirts, the Basic shirts are designed and manufactured to fit most guys. Whichever you pick, you're going to be the owner of a great shirt.

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Sateen shirt

An Elegant and stylish 98% cotton and 2% elastan shirts with a comfortable fit. This shirts goes with anything, and it will be noticed. The modern design and the elegant and comfortable fit make this shirt perfect for both work and leisure. Could be our best buy. 

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Relaxed formal shirt

Our Relaxed Formal-shirts offer the best of both worlds, the classic expression you find in a formal shirt meets the more “laid-back” in qualities and pattern. These shirts are, each in their own way, unique in detail. All the shirts comes in 100% cotton, which gives a shirt of high quality. With these shirts, you can largely create your own style, with either jeans and blazer or a fine suit.

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This is the shirt for the quality conscious gentleman. These shirts offer our best cotton qualities, such as Egyptian cotton and double-ply. The dense weave quality gives a shiny and durable surface with supreme breathability. Available in several beautiful choices with everything from toned down check pattern to classic stripes. The quality of the Premium shirts are the best on the market. A pure pleasure to wear – and to look at.

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Button Guarantee

Our shirt buttons should never fall off.However, if you are unlucky enough to lose a shirt button,you can just bring the shirt to one of our stores, and our friendly store clerks will trade it in for a new one.

You do not need your receipt!