The groom's guide

Rule number one: Remember that we live in a society where anyone, including you, can wear whatever they like, in whatever colour, fabric and style. However, if you aim to please your significant other, make your parents proud (not forgetting the in-laws) and more importantly — look good on your wedding photo — you will benefit from following these simple guidelines:

Start shopping — now

Whether you’re a groom or a groomsman you should definitely start buying your wedding suit early on. Some might consider a tuxedo for their wedding day, but you should rather go for the «perfect suit», a piece of clothing you can also wear on following occasions. Do not procrastinate, and under any circumstances, do not wait until the last day before the wedding to go shopping. There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious are: 1. You will avoid a lot of stress. 2. You will most likely save money, and: 3. You will end up with a better fitting suit that’s ultimately going to looking better. Why is this? Skip to the next paragraph.

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Get it tailored/altered

This is an absolute must, and part of the reason you should never wait until the last day before the wedding, simply because chances are no one will have the time to help you out. Even the finest quality suit will look a hundred times better if you just make some small alterations and get a perfect fit. Rule number one is that the suit should not be too tight fitting to begin with. A tailor will have a much easier job taking in the body of a jacket than letting it out (it may actually be impossible). A skilled tailor will take your suit, adjust the shoulders, hem your pants and shorten the sleeves on your jacket and shirt — and most importantly, make you look your best. Did you know that Dressmann collaborates with local tailors? Read more about it here.

Wear it

Do not take it to a party, but try wearing it around the house for a couple of hours and really get comfortable with it. This way you will feel more comfortable in it, and pick up on any problems that might not show up until you have worn it for some time. This also goes for the shoes, as you need some time to brake them in. Be careful though, you don’t want stains or scratches.

Accessorize it

The perfect suit is a lot more than just a combination of suit, shirt and tie. Liven up your suit (without taking it too far) by adding some playful accessories to the mix. A nice pocket square to complement your tie is a sure bet. Cufflinks or an elegant tie clip can add a sense of style and liven up your overall appearance. Also, you should consider adding stylish timepiece, something that’s both practical (you don’t have to fumble your phone to look at the time) and affordable. A seasonal scarf or colorful socks will also add some fun, but don’t overdo it — you’re not supposed to outshine the bride.

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Bonus tip

Whatever you choose, be sure to talk it over with your wife/partner to be before you go shopping. Your partner have probably invested heavily in the wedding preparations, and there’s a high probability that your significant other would like to know beforehand what your plans are.