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Dressmann + Lalle Johnson

A classic, quality-assured collection that is easy to play with

"This collection is 100 percent me," says Lalle Johnson.Here's everything you need to know about the dream collaboration and the exclusive Lalle Johnson collection

Stylist Lalle Johnson has worked with men's fashion for decades, and has become widely known for his timeless and integrated style. His résumé includes everything from big fashion magazines to famous artists and fashion brands, and he is now joining forces with Dressmann.

The exclusive Lalle Johnson Collection will be available in selected Dressmann shops and online store as of September 18th. And if we take the word of the style icon himself, it reflects his style and standards of quality "one hundred percent".

"It is a classic collection while also being easy to play with. It is also very easy to combine, as it includes everything from suits, blazers, chinos, coats and shirts to knitted garments and accessories such as ties and hankies," says Johnson.

From Milan to Scandinavia

For his work with the collection, Lalle Johnson has taken inspiration from Italy:

"There is a lot of 'Milan' in the designs and style, including soft and comfortable elements.  At the same time, the spirit of Scandinavian is present in the choice of colours and expressive character of the accessories. It's soft, elegant and stylish, "says the stylist.

The results are garments and accessories that not only function well on their own, but which - as Johnson points out - are easy to combine with each other, and what you already have in your closet:

"Everything has grey, blue, brown and green in different tones, which makes the collection very versatile and not least: integrated. People who know me are aware that I'm always thinking in terms of integration.

"You won't be disappointed"

"Who is this collection for?"

"It's for all the men out there. But, I especially hope that those guys who have never been in a Dressmann shop will become curious and drop in for a look. He won't be disappointed, I promise."

With Scandinavian wind and weather in mind, Johnson is committed to wearing clothing that is suitable for the different seasons:

"That's why this is a seasonal collection. I just delivered the second part of the collection, which consists of spring 2018, and it looks absolutely fantastic."

"And finally: do you have a favourite garment from the collection?"

"It's hard to say, because I love everything. The suits and blazers, the coat and Merino jerseys are incredibly nice, to name a few. And I truly love the shirts and accessories." But, you'll simply have to visit one of the selected Dressmann shops or their online store and see for yourself!

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