Be better acquainted with Friends of Dressmann

Joining Friends of Dressmann gives you many great benefits. Here you can learn more about them:


It always pays off to have good friends, and Friends of Dressmann is one of those you should get to know a bit better.

When joining Friends of Dressmann, you get several unique benefits. These include exclusive offers and bonuses, several discounts and free shipping on everything you buy in the webshop.

The best part is that it´s really simple, not to mention free of charge, to become a member. In other words, there are no good reasons not to sign up.

6 great benefits

Here are seven unique benefits you get when joining Friends of Dressmann:

  1. You get a welcome discount. This gives you a 10 percent discount on the total sum of a purchase you make after joining Friends of Dressmann.
  2. You get a 5 percent bonus on everything you buy in Dressmann-stores and in the webshop.
  3. You get an extra good offer on a selected «shirt of the week».
  4. You get several exclusive and personal offers.
  5. You get free shipping on everything you buy in the webshop
  6. You get a 50 percent discount on Dressmann’s tailor services.

Easy to register

There are three different ways to register as a member of Friends of Dressmann, and luckily they are all really quick and simple.

You can join through SMS. Send «Dressmann + your email address» to 72660.  You will then get a text message in return with your customer-ID and a discount code, which gives you a 10 percent discount on a purchase.

If you rather want information and offers from Dressmann XL, you write «Dressmann XL + your email address» and send it to 72660.

You can join online. If you are in front of a computer, smart phone or tablet, you can easily register at You will then receive a discount code to be be used in the webshop, and an email with a discount coupon which can be used in Dressmann-stores.

You can join directly in the checkout. If you’re stopping by a Dressmann-store, you only need to ask the cashier to become a member, and they will help you register.

Collect bonus points. When you’re shopping at Dressmann, either in a store or on the webshop, you get 1 bonus point for each Euro you spend. To earn bonus points, you only need to show off your customer-ID on the phone, a print from online or provide your personal number in the cashier.

When you have earned 1000 point , you’ll receive a bonus check on 5 Euros, which can be used freely in any Dressmann-store in your respective country. The bonus checks can not be used on the webshop, and they are valid for 24 months.

As a member of friends of Dressmann, you also get discount coupons. These you can use freely both in Dressmann-stores and on the webshop within a certain time frame.

Frequently asked questions

Is there anything else you want to know about Friends of Dressmann? Here´s  some frequently asked questions with answers.

What do I do if I have an old membership card in plastic?

You no longer need this card, and you can deliver it to the cashier in any Dressmann-store. If you are already a member, you will receive a mail with new information about the new benefits Friends of Dressmann offers. If you haven’t received a mail, or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of Dressmann´s cashiers.

Can I un-register from Friends of Dressmann?

Yes, you are free to un-register at any time. You can do this at My Pages, through email or by contacting the customer service at When you un-register, you have six weeks to use bonus checks and discount coupons. After the six week, all of your personal information, bonus check , points and discount coupons disappears.

Can I collect bonus points from any other country then where I am registered?

No, if you for instance are registered in Austria, you can not use your bonus check or collect points on purchases in any other country.

What does the offer on the shirt of the week mean?

This is a unique offer for all members of Friends of Dressmann. Every week, Dressmann chooses a certain shirt as the shirt of the week, which all members get a good offer on.

How do I as a member get the 50 percent discount on tailor services?

Counsolt the cashier in your nearest Dressmann-store, who will give you the discount.