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Dressmann XL – When size matters

Being tall can certainly be an advantage in many situations, but shopping for clothes is not one of them. The desperate search for a size that barely fits can be a real hassle, but tall men and big boys are now flocking to a place that fills their every need, Dressmann XL.

Entering the XL store you’ll find a immaculate collection of menswear, offering everything from casual Bermuda shorts and T-shirts, to three piece suits and tuxedos — A life saver for anybody bigger than your average lad. Where did this revolution come from?

– About seven years ago we started getting feedback from our customers that they wanted something bigger. Larger jackets, longer jeans, bigger suits. Those kinds of things. When we made our first batch of really big sized clothes it literally flew off the shelves, says branch manager Lars Erik Skaug.

He has seen the Dressmann XL brand store grow from a single shop in Oslo, to openings in Stockholm, Helsinki and lots of other countries.

– It actually was a success from day one. In the last three years we’ve gone from 17 to 54 stores all over Europe.

The reason for this rapid expansion? If you’re a tall or big person, chances are that you’ll have a hard time trying to find clothes with a «normal» fit. Having trousers fit around the waist, experiencing the sleeves on the jacket just skimming the wrist like they should, it will probably never happen.

– Tell me, where can you get a decent pair of trousers in 5X? Basically there are very few other places that can provide decent clothes when guys grow big and tall.

Most customers at Dressmann XL are in the 4X and 5X range, with more than 85 percent of Dressmann sales are in the bellow 7X range.

– We do, however, carry items up to 9X.

The smallest size in the Dressmann XL store is a mere 2X.

– We probably have the most loyal group of customers you could ever find. You should see these guys faces when they finally get their hands on a 7X pair of pants. They are like kids in a candy store.

The XL stores have virtually the same item range as the other Dressmann stores, and make their specific orders based on the current Dressmann collections.

Big boys and large men usually have slightly different needs, as they might want to start wearing their Bermuda shorts earlier in the season, and they really appreciate T-shirts and upper body garments made from light weight materials. Big wooly sweater? Not so much.

– We want shopping at Dressmann XL to be a joyous experience, customers being greeted by a top qualified staff, getting the items they desire — in a size that fits.