10 tips to make your jeans last longer

Let us show you how to avoid getting holes in the inseam; wash your pants with care; and ensure that your pockets don’t get holes.

It's not just a shame when your favourite pair of pants become full of holes and when the zipper gets ruined, or the belt loops rip loose. It is also detrimental to both the environment and your pocketbook if you have to buy new pants all the time.  

With a few little tricks up your sleeve, you are fortunately better equipped to give your jeans a longer life:

1. Do not wash them too often

Many people tend to throw their pants in the hamper after one or two days of use, but that's not a very good idea. Cycle after cycle in the washing machine wears on the fabric, so your pants will last longer the more seldom you wash them.

"If odours are the problem, you can hang them outside or leave it them in the freezer a while - which also serves to kill bacteria. And if you get a stain on your pants, you can remove it with a damp cloth rather than putting the entire garment in the washer," advises Dressmann designer Nina Roana Engebretsen.

She points out that your jeans will take on a distinctive and more personal look if you use them for a while between each wash.

When you first wash your pants, it is wise to turn them inside out to preserve the colour - in addition to avoiding washing them at temperatures above 30 degrees. You should also keep them away from the dryer, as it causes unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric.  

"There is no one right answer about how often jeans should be washed, but if you have multiple pairs of pants you can alternate between, it is sufficient that you wash them three times a month," says Nina.

2. ... And do not use fabric softener

Fabric softener destroys the fibres in the jeans, and the result is that the pants get worn out faster.

3. Buy the right size

There is often uncertainty regarding how tightly the pants should fit the first time you try them on because many people find that jeans have a tendency to stretch.

The first thing you should check is whether or not the jeans contain stretch fabric.

"Jeans that do not contain stretch fabric will be softer, and they will gradually adapt to your body and stretch by around a half size - which means it's okay if they are a bit tight in the changing room. However, if there is stretch fabric in the jeans, they will retain their original form," as Nina informs us.

Either way, she encourages you not to buy pants that fit too tight, because you will stretch the fabric and thus subject the pants to even greater stress.  

– A good rule is that you should be able to put your thumb into the waistband without holding in your stomach when you try the pants on for the first time.

Of course, the importance of finding the right size also applies to the length. If your pants are too long and drag on the ground, it's like asking for them to become ugly and ruined.

“Many shops have size 32 as their shortest jean length, while Dressmann has size 30 length in several models. Dressmann also has a wide selection of waist sizes, with jeans all the way down to size 29, and all the way up to size 58 - the latter is available at Dressmann XL stores,” says Nina. 

4. Learn the tricks for how to avoid getting holes

Many men struggle with the problem of getting holes in the inseam of their jeans - but there are some steps you can take to avoid this:

– The most important thing is to find the right fit. If the model of jeans you get is really too narrow for your thighs, the wear and tear in this area will happen a lot faster.

"Tip number two is to choose jeans with double topstitching, which will provide extra reinforcement on the inside of your thighs. Dressmann has this on selected washes among our Maine, Nevada, Vermont and Arizona models," says Nina.

To avoid having your belt loops rip and leave a hole in the waistband, there is a single piece of advice you should follow: Grab hold of the jeans, and not the loops, when you put on your pants.

If you are among the people who get holes in your knees, you should select jeans with stretch fabric in both the length and width - such as Dressman's Montana Max Stretch.

– The double stretch allows you to safely jump down on your knees to tie your shoelaces and bike to work in jeans - without taking a chance that the fabric might tear.

5. Looking for black jeans? Get a pair that won't turn grey

Black jeans are timeless as well as versatile. However, many black jeans have an annoying tendency to fade and turn grey after just a couple of washes.

In order to offer customers black jeans that will last, Dressmann has developed its special "Stay Black" wash, which you'll find in the Arizona and Montana models.

"The special thing about ‘Stay Black’ is that they are coloured in a way that allows the colour to bind to the cotton in an entirely unique manner. These pants are guaranteed for 40 washes without fading," explains Nina.

6. Look for quality

It goes without saying that jeans of superior quality will last longer. But, how do you know if jeans are of good quality? According to the expert, you should look for the following details:

* Thickness and weight: The higher the weight and thickness of the fabric, the longer the jeans will last.

* The darker the jeans are, the longer they will last. Light-coloured jeans, which are pre-washed and somewhat faded, have a shorter lifespan.

* If you select Dressmann's Nevada or Main models, you'll get a lot of quality for the money. The fact that Dressmann buys large batches ensures that they can maintain a higher quality of both the weaving method, dyeing and details.

7. Choose a model to suit your body shape

The jeans will be subjected to less wear and tear if they fit your body, so take some time to find the right model.

"For example, if you have extra 'padding' around the thighs and rear, then you should buy pants with ample room for them. For example, our Maine Athletic Fit model is especially tailored for customers who have some extra padding around their rear, thighs or large muscles," says Nina.

8. Check the zipper

Do the jeans you are considering buying have a zipper? If so, then you should check the length of it.

"If the zipper is short, this increases the chances that the zipper will get ruined when you take your pants off and on. At Dressmann, we are committed to using long zippers of good quality, and we only use YKK zippers featuring auto lock, which locks when you pull it up," explains Nina.

9. Remember that you're allowed to do repairs

Take care of your clothes - both before and after any mishaps.

"Did you know that if you often get holes in your pockets due to constantly carrying a box of snuff in them, you should go ahead and apply an iron-on patch. The same is true if you struggle with holes on the inside of the thighs," advises Nina.

And if you do get a hole in your pants or lose a button, it does not mean that your pants need to end up in the garbage.  

– Get out a needle and thread or take the jeans to a tailor. It is much less expensive and more environmentally friendly than buying a brand new pair of pants.

10. Keep more than one pair of jeans in your closet

It's obvious that your pants will wear out faster if you use them every single day. If you make sure to have three or four pairs of jeans which you can alternate between, they will all last longer.


And fortunately, Dressmann has an extensive collection of quality jeans at very affordable prices (from NOK 299), so that you don't have to go broke to update your collection of jeans!