Petter Solberg's top three picks for summer

This weekend, Petter Solberg was racing in the World Rallycross Championship in Hell in Trøndelag.

Solberg is an ambassador for Friends of Dressmann, and we had a chat with him about which clothes he feels the most comfortable wearing when he’s not on out racing or driving.

«My summer is hectic, with many races and many hours spent in a hot car and driving suit. So I like to wear comfortable shorts and a t-shirt. One of my favorites is Dressmanns’ pleasant cotton shorts, which I’m very happy with.

«And when it comes to t-shirts, have you got any preferences?»

«I have a good stock of t-shirts, but simple single colored ones – preferably with v-neck – are what I mostly wear”.

«What do you do if the t-shirt becomes a bit too casual»?

«Then I bring on the pique shirt, or a t-shirt with a collar as I call it, hah!»

«And what are you looking for when you choose a pique shirt?»

«That they are comfortable to wear and in a fabric quality that feel pleasant in hot weather, that is very important. Dressmann’s Premium pique are all that, and they are my absolute favorites».

Ok, thanks for stopping in Petter, and good luck with all of your races. Friends of Dressmann is cheering for you! :)

Check out Petter Solberg’s tre favorite items here:

City Shorts

Basic vee t-shirts

Premium Solid Pique