Q & A with Petter Solberg:«I'm a very nice guy!»

Get to know Dressman’s new ambassador — motorsport champion Petter Solberg!


Why have you chosen to be an ambassador for Friends of Dressmann?
«It’s just a great match for me, personally. Probably the most important thing is that Dressmann comes across as folksy, rough and popular at the same time. The ‘folksy’ aspect of this is very important, because my sport has strong popular roots. Also, it’s important that my clothes are of high quality: That have a nice fit and that they don’t wear out to quickly.

How would you describe your interest in fashion and clothing?

«This may come as a surprise to someone, but I am actually a really meticulous person. At the same time, I’ve always had a great passion for men’s clothing. You can say that I am a perfectionist when it comes to picking out items and getting dressed. I’m always very conscious about what I am going to wear.»
How would you describe your personal style?
«Well, I change my style according to what I am planning to do and where I’m going to be. I like that, getting dressed for different occasions. I can have a sharp look one day, be more business-like and classic” the next».

How do you describe your personality?
«I’m a damn nice guy! I am very detail oriented and a perfectionist in every sense of the word. And I’m always happy. Earlier in my life I probably had more of an ego, but that has definitely changed. I think it must be an age-thing, hah!»

What’s the highlight of your career?
«I like to think that I have so many, but taking the world champion title in two different motorsports would probably be it.»


… And what’s your greatest achievement in life?
«It’s like everyone else: getting kids. My son Oliver is fifteen years old and already well into motorsports. We’re just the best playmates.»

What is your advice to those who want to pursue their hobby, or make for an unconventional career, as you have?
«You have to find joy in what you do. If you do the things you love, you will always get results. Continue chasing your dreams, and always give 110 percent!»

What do you put on after ripping off your racing suit?
«It’s really a great feeling to wear anything but the driving suit. Actually, I like wearing Premium Pique from Dressmann, and some of those shorts that have a little stretch in them. They are super comfy, and at the same time formal enough to be used at parties or when it’s hot»

Do you have a favorite item?
«Jeans are my absolute number one go-to. Luckily, Dressmann offers great jeans to a reasonable price, my favorite is called Arizona»

… and on the upper body?
«I want garments that give me freedom and mobility, and Dressmann’s shirts are both stretchy and comfy. All Friends of Dressman members receive a special offer on a selected shirt every week, which we call “Shirt of the Week”. I like that!»