Check out this season's finest coats

No winter wardrobe is complete without the coat.

The coat is the classic garment that stays in style year after year and is also one of the few garments that look well on all men. But, what should you look for when you're trying to find a good coat?

"When you're going to invest in a coat, it's a good idea to think about how and when the coat will be used. Stylist Niclas Kjøde says that if you expect to be using the coat in your everyday life throughout the winter months, it's a prerequisite that the coat is nice and warm.

"You should also go with a coat in a colour that matches what you already have in your wardrobe. If, for example, you are basing most of your outfits on colours such as dark blue and olive green, it can be just as smart to go with a coat in dark grey as the all-classic black. If you often wear a dark suit, the black coat might be preferable," says Kjøde. 

Top three coats

There are plenty of men's coats to choose among and to make the job a little bit easier for you, we have picked out 3 of our favourites.

"All these coats are made of a wool blend and contain a minimum of 40 percent wool. This gives the coat the right look while the wool fabric will help keep you warm and ensure that the coat also breathes well," says the stylist and adds:

"These are truly three fine coats that are equally suited to everyday use as well as parties."


Stylish and versatile 

"This grey coat has a detachable vest, which can either act as an extra layer on cold days or be removed on warmer days for a more casual look. It has a somewhat higher collar, which means the coat does a very good job of warming your neck," says Kjøde and adds:

"This coat is both versatile and stylish while the additional zipper pocket on the chest makes it a bit more convenient than many other coats."

Check out the Collin Coat in grey, which is also available in XL sizes

Perfect for a suit 

"This black and classic-looking coat is absolutely perfect for a suit - even if it also looks just as nice with chinos or dark jeans. The coat provides you with an elegant and well-dressed look while the high wool content (55 percent wool) ensures that you will retain warmth even on cold days.

Check out the Coat Wool Blend in black, which is also available in XL sizes

Classic double-breasted 

"This is a classic "Peacoat", which never goes out of fashion. This navy blue wool coat is also very well suited to use with a dark grey or dark blue suit and provides a stylish and sophisticated look. This coat is also a touch shorter than the other two, in keeping with the classic, double-breasted design," says Kjøde.

Here, you will find the navy blue Peacoat.