The best coats for fall

All under 200 $

Keep your priorities straight this season: Look good, stay warm and don´t go broke. Here´s our favourite woollen coats that won´t burn a hole in your pocket.

Coats are no longer limited to finer occasions or old men:

“You can wear the coat like you wear a blazer: It literally goes with anything, from jeans to suits. There are no rules”, the Stockholm-based stylist Lalle Johnson says.

The Oslo-based stylist Niclas Kjøde agrees.

“With its timeless elegance, the woollen coat is such a great alternative or addition to apuffy jacket: It both looks better and keeps you toasty”, Kjøde says and adds: “Not tomention the long durability. If you invest in a woollen coat, it will be your best friend foryears to come.”

Look for real wool

When investing in a woollen coat, it´s important to make sure that the coat is made with actual wool.

“It doesn´t need to be a hundred percent, but look for a high wool quality to ensure both insulating properties, comfort and sustainability”, Kjøde says

While all of Dressmann´s woollen coats are made with at least 40 % wool, they still cost less than 200 $.

Here´s seven affordable accessories that work great with a woollen coat.

Choose your pick

In addition, the coats are all in a favourable mid-length style, and you can choose either double-breasted or single-breasted.

” The double-breasted coat is a bit more dressed-up, and has a classical elegance to it. The single breasted ones have a more relaxed look, which works great with a suit, but also sneakers or jeans, Kjøde says.

Frozen hands? Pair the woollen coat with leather gloves.

Regarding size, Johnson wants to debunk a common myth:

“It´s old fashion to think that you need an oversized coat to ensure room for layers underneath. Buy the coat in your actual size, and make sure it fits properly to your body. Anything else looks sloppy.”

Besides style and size, think about the colour, and hence what colour you want the rest of your outfit to revolve around.

To fit the rest of your wardrobe, the coats at Dressmann are all in suitable neutral colours – ranging from camel and navy to grey and black.

“All these colours are great. Personally, I’m a big fan of a navy coat. It´s a bit softer and not as hash as black, yet it´s a timeless colour that goes with anything”, Johnson says.

Look after your friend

Finally, when the coat is bought and all is well, make sure it stays that way.

”Use a clothing roll to remove hair and other things that get stuck on your coat during the day. Another great trick is the clothing brush. Brushing your coat will revitalize the fabric and make it look as good as new”, Kjøde says.

Want to dress your coat up or down? Here´s how you do it.