This is the jacket you must have this year

It can be used for more than you might think

If there is one piece of clothing we want for the new year, it's a quality jacket we can use both now and as that spring feeling suddenly arrives.

Because, although we won't be putting our winter jacket away just yet, we are more than eager to get a new and somewhat lighter addition to our wardrobe.

And when it comes to finding the ultimate all-around jacket for the new season, the new Liner Quilt Jacket was picked out as an early favourite:

"This jacket is perfect as a transitional jacket in the spring and for slightly cooler summer evenings. It's a more elegant variation on a classic liner jacket, and you can therefore easily use it for both work and leisure, as well as more dressy and formal occasions," says jacket designer, Nina Roana Engebretsen. 

Here's how to use it even now

Although the Liner Quilt is a lightweight shell jacket, it can be used for more than you think:

"Now, while it's cold, it's both becoming and comfortable to use it as an extra layer within a wool coat or blazer. This provides you extra insulation while also maintaining the well-dressed and finished style," says Engebretsen.

Nice with both dress pants and jeans

The jacket comes in both grey and classic blue, and if you wear it under a blazer, you can confidently use it with dress pants.

For a more casual, yet stylish everyday look, the designer has a few tips for how to best combine the jacket with other wardrobe classics:

"It's great with a knit sweater or a thin flannel shirt with more common spring colours. So, it is also absolutely super to wear with classic jeans or chinos." 

Sporty as well

If you're going for a more sporty or casual style, there is also no reason to avoid a liner jacket:

"Then, I would recommend wearing it with jeans that have extra good stretch. Feel free to wear a cool sweater under it or one of our fine zip sweaters in Merino Wool, so you'll stay both warm and dry," says the designer, and adds:

"There are basically very few garments and occasions for which this jacket is not suited, and it is, therefore, the perfect all-season jacket."