What to wear at work when it’s hot

Don’t sweat it – here’s the tricks to save the day.


It can definitely be a challenge to dress up for a long day at the office or an important meeting when the temperature rises and the sun is scorching hot.

But according to stylist Niclas Kjøde, it is possible to dress accordingly without wilting in the heat.

«The key is to loosen up, while choosing lightweight and breezy garments, which allows the air to flow through. Then you’ll sweat less, and feel more at ease», Kjøde says.

Perfect with chinos

You should in other words stay clear of tight and extremely fitted clothes:

«Swap your heavy jeans with a pair of lightweight chinos, for instance a khaki or a navy one. Then you’ll look both stylish and presentable».

Breathing shirts

Not everyone can turn up at work wearing their favorite t-shirt. Then the solution is to find the right shirts and blazers:

«Here, fabric quality and fitting is of great importance. Choose for instance a shirt of fine quality cotton, while cotton both breathes and feels cool towards the skin. The same goes for blazers. Avoid heavy blazers of wool with paddings, and choose a blazer in a thin cotton or linen quality».

Most workplaces are a bit more easygoing during summer time. In that case, you can safely leave the tie, if we are to believe the stylist.

And when skipping the tie, it can be nice to pick out a shirt that stands out on it’s own:

«A shirt with a fresh print is just perfect», Kjøde says.

«A white or pastel colored oxford shirt is also a great alternative. This is a shirt that not only breathes well, but also has an interesting texture. It’s also a shirt you can safely leave hanging and not tuck in, which feels more comfortable and airy».

Learn the dress code

Another great tip is to learn the dress code at your workplace. Then you’re prepared when the heat wave suddenly hits the office.

«The dresscode is not necessarily formalized. It’s therefore a good idea to keep track of what your bosses or experienced colleagues are wearing», Kjøde says.

And if everything points towards you suiting up, it could be wise to invest in a lightweight one:

«You should at least stay clear of the black woolen suit. A lighter cotton suit can be a good alternative. If you must wear a darker suit, then choose a navy or dark blue one».

What about shorts?

Last but not least: Is it alright to wear shorts to work on a particular hot summer day?

«Regards to men working at an office: The safest thing you could do is to rather pack along your shorts, and change into it when leaving work. Cause when you come to think of it, It doesn’t feel that much hotter to wear chinos, and it looks far more professional».

«And what about the short sleeved shirt?»

«It can definitely work if the dress code is not too formal. But be smart and bring a lightweight blazer with you. Then you’re prepared if you suddenly have to attend an important meeting or a lunch»

Are you ready to take the heat? here you can take a closer look at stylist Niclas Kjødes work wardrobe-favourites, with suitable clothes for those hot summer days.

Cotton suit in stone

Blue suit in lightweight wool

Khaki chinos

Linen blazer in navy

Signature check shirt in 100% Egyptian cotton

Oxford shirt in light blue