What to wear to a summer party

«The summer party is a great place to show off your personality», stylist Niclas Kjøde says. Here the stylist shares his five best tips for this summer’s festive occasions.


Whether you’re heading to a garden party with good friends, a family barbeque or celebrating with work, those long summer nights are definitely something to look forward too.

When the day approaches, however, there are some of us who glanze anxious towards the closet. Cause how do you actually look your best? And is there something you definitely not should wear?

«After attending quite a few summer happenings – from the more glamorous and formal work parties to more laid back barbeques, my general impression is that people dress quite differently. You can show off your own personal style», stylist Niclas Kjøde says.

But though there’s a great deal of latitude, the stylist still have some useful tips and tricks to take along when picking your outfit:

1. Choose lighter colours

«Don’t forget, there’s sun, summer and smiles, and therefore the perfect occasion for light colours. Knock yourself out with a stone coloured suit, while leaving the black suit safely behind».

And even though Kjøde recommends lighter shades, you don’t have to wear pastels from top to toe, or a white linen suit for that matter:

«Combine a pastel shirt with garments or accessories – like chinos – in navy, olive green or khaki. It´s light and fresh, at the same time as its elegant and a bit down played».

2. Loosen up

It’s both suitable and comfortable to wear more lightweight fabrics at the summer party:

«Stay clear of the padded blazer, the thick woolen suit and heavy dark jeans», Kjøde recommends.

«You should rather go for a pair of chinos, or optionally a lighter pair of jeans. A shirt in a fine cotton quality, or a linen shirt, are also perfect pics.

«Speaking of easy and breezy clothing: Is it alright to wear shorts at a summer party?»

«Shorts can work it it’s a really hot summer day. If you’re going with shorts, then you should choose one that stops right above the knee, and which is of fine, smooth – and preferably brushed – quality cotton. I would not recommend showing up in your long bathing shorts form Bahamas, not you´re jeans shorts either»

3. You don’t need to «overdress»

At a summer party It’s definitely allowed, if not encouraged, to play it more casual then you should at a christmas party or a business meeting.

«After all, you do want an easy-going atmosphere at the party, and it’s nice to have that reflected in the outfit»

If not otherwise specified in the invitation, you don’t need suit up to look well dressed:

«You’re well of with a pair of chinos, a shirt and a lightweight blazer».

4. Remember: It can get chilly

Even though it’s both smart and suitable to dress for the summer heat, you should prepare for a sudden change of weather. If the plan is to stay outdoors all night long, and it gets chilly, there’s nothing is worse than shivering through the rest of the party.

– Be on the safe side, and pack along a woolen scarf. Are you going with shorts, it could be wise to bring with you a pair of versatile jeans or chinos.

5. Show off your personality

As mentioned, you can safely go with your own style at the summer party, and you don’t need to be afraid of standing out in the crowd.

«You should allow yourself to be a bit playful. A shirt with a flowery print fits the bill perfectly» the stylist says.

«With a fresh shirt or accessories you’re contributing in making good summer vibes, and that is something the rest of the party definitely will appreciate.»

Are you ready to hit the summer party? Here you can take a closer look at stylist Niclas Kjøde’s summer-favorites:

Khaki chinos

Olive green chinos

Light jeans

Navy shorts

Stone coloured cotton suit

Blue denim blazer

Linen shirt in khaki

Blue flowery shirt in linen and cotton

Easy care shirt with flower print  

Grey scarf in merino wool