5 shirts you must have as part of your work attire

Are you planning on nabbing your dream job in 2018, or do you already have a job in which you want to make an extra good impression?

No matter what your work-related plans are for the new year, do not underestimate what you wear. Not only does your work outfit show that you take your workplace seriously, but it can also give you an extra edge in an important meeting or job interview.

And if there is one thing that can enhance any work attire - whether you go for the suit or chinos - it must surely be wearing the right shirt, or rather: a set of nice shirts.

These shirts are a must

"Among your work attire, you must have at least two white shirts, one light blue, one dark blue shirt and two striped ones in, e.g. blue/white and grey/white," says stylist Niclas Kjøde.

"If you have these shirts to switch among, it will give you a classic and stylish base that you can easily combine with various pants, suits, blazers and sweaters."

There is also one main thing you should keep in mind when you're looking for a new work shirt: quality.

"It's always best to have as much cotton as possible. Cotton is a natural product and has qualities that make the shirt comfortable as well as durable. For a shirt that is used a lot in everyday life, it must also tolerate frequent washes," says Kjøde.

Our 5 Favourites 

Even if you know these rules of thumb, it is easy to get lost in the vast jungle of shirts out there.

Therefore, we have done the work for you and picked out five of our favourite shirts that are ideal for well-dressed weekdays.

Here, stylist Niclas is also giving you some pointers on how you can make the best use of the shirts: 

The white Oxford

A solid white Oxford shirt is about as important as socks, and therefore something every man should have in his wardrobe. The Oxford shirt, and especially the white one, has been with us for over a century and there is nothing to indicate that it is on the way out. This shirt also belongs in the "casual" category but serves nicely to dress things up with a blazer. An Oxford shirt can even be used with a suit if you want to "tone down" the suit a bit.

Blue shirt 

This shirt is fairly "casual", but still nice enough to do the job in the workplace. The lightly-brushed cotton quality is nicely suited for wearing under either a sweater or a blazer, but leave your tie hanging in the closet.

The striped shirt

This great shirt ticks off all the right check-boxes. Not only is it perfect for a suit and tie, but it can also be used in a slightly "simpler" way with a nice pair of cotton pants and a blazer. The stripes even give it a somewhat more exciting visual effect than a plain, solid-coloured shirt. 

The premium white shirt 

Simplicity is not necessarily something negative, especially when it comes to work attire. If you have a white, premium dress shirt in your closet, then you have at least one sure winner if you're in a rush in the morning, and you are unable to make up your mind. Because this shirt is of premium cotton quality, you are ensured you an extra stylish touch for your suit or blazer - and you achieve a very presentable outfit. You simply must keep this shirt easily accessible in your closet!

The patterned shirt

Not all workplaces have a formal dress code, and especially Fridays tend to be referred to as "Freaky Friday" or "Casual Friday". Either way, this is a shirt that does the trick whether it's Monday or Friday, but it does necessitate proper use and appropriate timing. Even if the shirt is flowery or "freaky", you can achieve great success by combining it with a suit and a solid-coloured tie. In addition, it serves very well as a breath of fresh air if you combine it with jeans. Furthermore: Occasionally, you may want to stand out a bit if you want to be noticed! 

– Think combo

Lastly, the stylist has a few tips you would do well to keep in mind when you prepare for lunch with the boss or for that crucial job interview:

"If you decide on a suit or blazer, then you need to make sure your shirt has a straight or slim fit, and that it fits firmly against your body. This prevents the shirt from folding and making unflattering bulges in your jacket," says Kjøde.

"If you would like the shirt to work well with a tie, but also be wearable without one, your safest choice is to go for one with a classic collar, a so-called "classic cutaway". This guarantees you a classic and personable look.

P.S.: All Dressmann shirts are made with double cuffs so that you can easily dress the shirt up with cufflinks.