5 ways to use the check shirt

Finally, autumn is underway!

Checks is a sure winner this season, and the checked shirt can also be used for more than you might think.  

Here, we present five stylish ways to use the check cotton shirt which is shown here in green and white, and which you can also get in our XL sizes.

These tips are provided by shirt designer, Hege Næss Gundersen, and stylist, Niclas Kjøde. 

1. Leave it open

If you wear your shirt unbuttoned along with a solid t-shirt underneath — for example, in olive green- you achieve a perfectly relaxed look - without being boring.

2.  Wear it under a V-neck sweater

Wear your shirt under a solid jumper with a V-neck, and stay warm when it's biting cold. By having the shirt visible under the V-neck, you will also infuse your outfit with some much-needed colour on grey autumn days, while also keeping things toned down.  

3. Wear it with chinos and a belt

It doesn't take more than a pair of chinos, a belt and a check shirt to create a well-dressed and at the same time comfortable style.

4. Wear it with a blazer and jeans

If you want to dress a check shirt up a bit, it's super in combination with dark jeans and a blazer, for example, in a lightweight wool blend.  

5. Combine it with a hankie

See the above tip, and supplement your blazer with a hankie - perhaps a hankie that "brings out" the green colour in the shirt.

Bonus tip: Lend it to your sweetheart

Whether they’re a boy or a girl, the probability is high that your sweetheart will "steal" this shirt from your closet and wear it often. This is a shirt that goes with a lot of things and can be styled in an infinite number of ways. So, get to it before your sweetheart, but be willing to lend it to her or him.

Are you ready for the check shirt? Have a closer look at the Poplin Check Shirt, which also comes in our XL sizes