7 reasons why every man should own a denim shirt

The classic is more versatile than you might think.


The denim shirt is a timeless investment, and a definite classic every man should have in his wardrobe.

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Here are seven reasons why we love the denim shirt:

1. It’s iconic

Ever since it was associated with cowboys in the wild west, the denim shirt has been a true stayer in fashion.

Marlon Brando, David Beckham and Matthew McConaughey are just some of the icons who have immortalized both the shirt and the relaxed look – thank you for that!

2. You can wear it with everything! (basically)


If there´s one thing we love, it´s how easy it is to dress the denim shirt up and down.

«it´s crazy versatile. You can basically wear it to everything you have in your wardrobe. The only limit is your imagination», stylist Niclas Kjøde says.

«Definitely. It’s just as perfect to chinos as to jeans, and works just as well under a blazer as a leather jacket», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

3. You can wear it all year

Not to mention: This is a shirt you can easily wear all year round, which makes it really practical as well.

«For instance with rolled up sleeves during spring, to shorts during summer and under a woolen sweater at wintertime», Gundersen says.

4. It suits everyone


We are yet to see one person who doesn´t look good in a denim shirt.

«Blue is such a great colour. Not only because it’s versatile and often in style, but also because it’s a colour which, almost regardless of shades –  suits everyone», stylist Kjøde says.

5. It’s super comfortable

We are obsessed with how the denim shirt feels just as easy to wear as it is to style.

«This shirt in particular is made with a 100 percent cotton, and is incredibly 

soft and comfy to wear», Gundersen says.

6. It looks better the more you wear it

It´s not as if most garments look better the more they are worn. Here the denim shirt is an amazing exception.

«A denim shirt will, as with all other denim, change over time as you use it. In that way, you get to give the shirt your own personal signature», Kjøde tells.  

7. Your girlfriend wants to borrow it

A blue, oversized men’s shirt can work just as well on women, and your girlfriend will probably wish to borrow your denim if she’s going for that cool, relaxed style.

So she’ll definitely appreciate and thank you for how you’re not only filling out your wardrobe, but also hers, with a brand new basic  

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