Almost like wearing pyjamas: The most comfortable shirt you'll ever own

Your new wardrobe favorite.


What if there was a shirt that felt just as comfortable to wear as your favorite hoodie, or the t-shirt you love to wear at home. Believe it or not: It exists.

If you’re looking for a shirt you both look good in, and feel at home in, you should take a closer look at the shirt Relaxed Formal Knitted in blue.

«Chances are high this is will be your new wardrobe-favorite», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

«The shirt is made in a soft jersey fabric, which is what makes it so comfortable to wear. And at the same time as the shirt feels pleasant, you look well-dressed in it».

Perfect for travel

Because of the jersey quality, the shirt doesn’t  wrinkle either – something we not surprisingly are big fans of:

«This shirt is the perfect travel shirt. Either to travel in, or take with you in you bag or suitcase. It will most likely make you travel a bit easier and comfortable», Gundersen says.

How to style it

If you’re wondering how to best style the jersey shirt, the designer has a few tips:

«It´s as made for jeans and chinos. And as we’re getting closer to summer, you can just as well wear it to shorts», she says.

And you don’t necessarily need to tuck the shirt into your pants:

«It´s intentionally been made a bit shorter, so you can leave the shirt hanging out for a more casual look. Then it also looks fine on it’s own, without accessories.».

Last but not least, this is a shirt you most likely will look good in:

«The shirt is slim fit, but at the same time, it has a nice stretch. That makes it suitable for most people», the designer says.

Are you also longing for a comfortable and versatile jersey shirt? Here you can check out the Relaxed Formal Knitted in blue, which also comes in our XL-sizes.