How the grey shirt is anything but boring

Greet the perfect travel shirt.


Do you have a lot of white and black pieces in your wardrobe, and looking for a new basic shirt? Then you should take a better look at the Melange Easy Care Shirt in light grey.

«In many ways, you can wear grey as you wear white or black. This is what makes the grey shit so versatile – you can dress it up or down», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

In addition to being easy to use, the grey colour also has some other great pros:

«It will look less ´harsh against a black suit then a white shirt will. In that sense, the grey shirt gives you more of a softer look».

In style this season


A trend we have spotted for a while is so called tonal dressing. Here, the grey shirt fits perfectly:

«Tonal Dressing means that you choose clothes in similar colour shades, which gives a sober, stylish and complete look. You can for instance match the grey shirt with a grey suit and accessories in other variations of grey» the designer says and continues.

«So you can definitely play with different shades of grey this season».

«And for those who may find grey a bit dull?»

«A perfect way to ´spice up´the grey shirt, is to choose accessories with a bit of colour. For instance will this blue silk hankieand this grey silk hankie ´bring out´ the grey of the shirt in an elegant manner, and at the same time contribute with a dash of colour.  

Easy to travel with

Last but not least, the grey shirt is easy care. This means that it´is wrinkle resistant even after washing. If you just hang it on a hanger after you take it out of the washing machine, you don’t have to iron it.

«Because the shirt is easy care, it´s basically the perfect travel shirt. It´s a safe way to  avoid a shirt that ends up as a wrinkled pile in your suitcase».

Do you want to take a closer look at the grey, easy care shirt? You´ll find it here.

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