How this shirt makes your life a bit easier

The perfect easy care shirt for a busy schedule


Do you love to iron your shirt every day? If yes, stop reading.

Is the answer no on the other hand, you should be better acquainted with the shirt of the week: The Easy Care Seasonal Slim in light blue.

«The fabric composition makes it easy care», says shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen.

Easy to care for

«Easy care means that the shirt is wrinkle resistant even after washing. If you just hang it on a hanger straight after you take it out of the washing machine, you don’t have to iron it. That’s what makes it so great».


The designer also has a few extra tips on how to avoid wrinkles – and ironing – when washing your shirt.

«First of all: When you put your shirt in the washer, don’t overload your washing machine. This will wrinkle any shirt in the washing process. And second: Always wash your shirt at a lower degree, preferably at 40 or even 30 degrees. You should also lower the paste on the centrifugation», she says.

When taking the shirt out of the washing machine, Gundersen recommends you to give the shirt a good shake before you hang it on the hanger.

«This will remove water, budd the wrinkles, and make it nice and smooth».

A classic style

Not only is the shirt easy to care for, it is also easy to look good in.

«It´s so classic and versatile, yet it offers unique details: The discreet white dots and the breast pocket – with the sewed hankie – just makes it a bit more exciting».

«How would you style this shirt?»

«I think it works really great with a pair of jeans: Then you are well dressed, without looking too stiff».

The slim fit and light blue colour also makes the shirt suitable for both business, after-work hours or festive occasions:

«It´s basically ideal for the man who wants to look well dressed all day long, without any hassle. The price is nice as well», the designer says.

«And as with all Dressmann shirts it has cuffs, which makes it easy to dress the shirt up a notch».

Here you can take a closer look at the easy care shirt.