How to best use your black shirt

Get ready for the party season

If you think that the black shirt is reserved for use with a leather jacket or worn jeans, think again. The black shirt can also be a great and well-dressed alternative to the classic white shirt. 

So, if you want to make an extra good impression at this year's Christmas parties, you should take a look at the Cotton Stretch Black, which is also available in our XL sizes


Sleek and sophisticated

"This shirt is "charcoal grey", which makes it both sleek and elegant. By combining the shirt with a black suit, a black tie and a hankie, for example, you achieve a very sophisticated style. It's a good tip for the coming party season we're now entering," says shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen.

The shirt also has a subtle pattern in charcoal grey:

"The fine structure of the fabric makes it a bit more exciting than a solid coloured shirt. At the same time, you keep it toned down," says Gundersen.

 Good stretch

Christmas parties tend to drag out, as is well known, and you're often seated for long periods. Perhaps you'll even do the traditional walk around the Christmas tree? That's when it's nice to know that your black shirt has good stretch:

"This makes the shirt very comfortable. You can easily have it on for many hours without it feeling tight or stiff," says Gundersen.

If you're unsure about which tie will go with it, the designer wants to assure you that the shirt comes with a regular cutaway collar:

"That means it's suitable for all tie knots, and that you can use both narrow and wide ties with your shirt. In this sense, the shirt is very versatile," says Gundersen


Stay away from dark blue 

There is admittedly one colour you might want to avoid combining with the black shirt:

"I wouldn't recommend using blue with this shirt. But basic colours such as grey and black work terrific together," says the designer.

Are you ready for the party season? Here, you can take a closer look at Cotton Stretch Black, which is also available in our XL sizes