How to wear red

Some longed-for colour in the dark of winter

Winter is fully upon us, which means that dark colours tend to dominate our wardrobe. Although a grey wool coat and dark jeans are certainly becoming, we grow a bit tired of just wearing black and grey from head to toe.

 If you are also looking for some longed-for colour in the dark of winter, you should have a look at the Flannel Shirt in red, which is also available in our XL sizes.

"Red is in the process of becoming a trendy colour for 2018. And with this flannel shirt, you can safely start using the colour even now," says shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen. 

Nice with blue and olive green

Are you unsure of how to make optimal use of red and the red Flannel Shirt, the designer has a few style tips for you:

"Red is a very nice colour to combine with jeans and dark shades of blue." At the same time, red also goes very well with olive colours," she says and adds:

"Now that there are plenty of cold days, one very nice idea is to use the shirt under a navy-blue V-neck sweater.”

This also helps you achieve a look that is suitable for the workplace or at a family party:

“By having the shirt visible under the V-neckline, you can easily infuse a bit of colour to your outfit while keeping it toned down,” says Gundersen.

Kick-starting spring

Not least, another great benefit is that the shirt is also comfortable to wear.

«This shirt is made with a hundred percent soft and brushed cotton. The quality is very warm and soft, which is perfect when the temperatures drop».

 And even if you should use the shirt now, you mustn't stow it away in a couple of months:

"The shirt is perfect for kick-starting spring if you're ready for some colour but feel that it's a little too early to go wild with the pastels," says Gundersen. 

Are you ready to see red this season? Here, you can take a closer look at the Flannel Shirt in red, which is also available in our XL sizes.