How to wear the essential pastel shirt

Nothing screams spring like those fresh pastel colours.  


As the sun peeks out and we’re heading towards warmer days, it´s time to renew the wardrobe with some fresh colours.  

And if you want some advice on how to use those soft colours of the season, you should check out the tips below and the shirt Premium Solid Season in mint green, or the XL Shirt Satin Stretch in light blue.  

«This shirt is made for a spring or summer party», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

Works perfect with the blue suit

«The mint green colour and a navy suit is just a perfect match. It also works really well with a grey suit», the designer says.   

If you want to dress the shirt up a notch, you’ll find accessories to complement the elegant pastel look here.

«Not to the mention: this shirt is of solid quality. It´s made with a 100 percent egyptian cotton, which not only makes it look good, but also durable and comfortable to wear».

Don’t fear pastels!


Even though pastel is a definite winner this spring and summer, there might be some men out there wondering how to really use the trend.

Luckily, the designer offers some simple guidelines:

«If one combines too much pastels in one outfit, it can easily become too much or too ´feminine´ for some people. Therefore, it can be nice to ´sharpen´the look with colours like deep blue or grey. If you do that, then wearing pastel is not an issue», she says.

Suitable on everyone? 

«But do we all look suitable in pastels»?

«Early in the year, when we are at our palest, it might not be that easy for everyone to wear pastels. But as we get closer to summer, when the sun shines brighter and you get a little bit of colour, pastel is perfect for all skin types», Gundersen says and adds.   

«And after a long winter, it’s no doubt good for both your body and soul to wear something which gives you that summer feeling».

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