Not just for the beach: How to use the linen shirt

Your new summer favorite.


When one say «linen shirt», you might think of a relaxing walk along a sandy beach. But even though the linen shirt is perfect for those sunny beach-days, you can – and should – wear it on other occasions as well, according to shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen.  

«If you use it right, the linen shirt is a very good alternative to for instance a summer party, a more casual day at work, a city break or the park», the designer says.

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Cool and breathing

But what is it with linen exactly, that makes it scream summer

«First of all, linen is a splendid quality for high temperatures , while linen is a fabric which breathes very well, and feels cool to the touch. In addition, the fit of this shirt is quite loose: Then you’ll avoid the shirt sticking to your body when the humidity is high and the sun is burning», Gundersen says.

To shorts and chinos

If you’re wondering how to best style the short sleeved linen shirt, the designer has some great tips:  

«While this is a casual shirt, it’s suitable for shorts or pants like jeans or chinos. For a more relaxed look, you can easily wear it untucked.  And once you tuck it in, and use it with chinos and a belt, you look a bit more dressed-up».

«And how about using the linen shirt to a suit?»

«Because the shirt is distinctly casual, it’s probably best to save your suit or blazer for another occasion. Besides, the shirt has a nice and classic pattern, which makes it stand out on its own, without any accessories».

«…. But doesn’t it wrinkle?»

There may be some out there who fear the linen shirt, thinking that it wrinkles easily. But for those who dread the thought of ironing, the designer has some good news.

«What’s so great about this shirt, is that it’s made of a mix of cotton and linen, which makes it wrinkle far less than a shirt made of a hundred percent linen», Gundersen says and adds:

«Besides, a few wrinkles only make this garment unique. The fact that the shirt looks nice even when it’s not perfectly ironed, is one of the many cons of wearing linen».

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