One shirt, three outfits

The shirt for 2018

Christmas is upon us, and it’s time to relax and kick back - and perhaps even get some inspiration for the upcoming year?

To say «new year, new opportunities» might seem like a cliché, but what is certain is that we would like to meet the new year with new energy - and at least renew ourselves a little bit!

Luckily, that neither has to be hard nor time consuming. If you’re looking for a shirt that easily can give you three «new» everyday outfits, you should take a look at our Cotton Shirt in light blue, which you can also get in our XL sizes.

Snug and well dressed

«This is the thing about this shirt: It’s made from a 100 per cent cotton, and has a brushed surface, just like flannel. It’s snug and nice to wear this time of year, while  you also look well-dressed in it», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says

Blazer, sweater and jeans!

But wait a minute, how do you get one shirt to become three outfits?

«It fits really well with a pair of dark jeans and a blazer for work, preferably with the shirt tucked in», Gundersen says, adding:

«If you’d like to be less formal after work, you could take the blazer off, untuck your shirt and be ready to go out to catch a movie or have dinner».

On cold days, or if you simply want to dress up for a family dinner, this is another good way to use the shirt.

«The light blue color looks good on most people, and if you want to throw on a sweater as well, it works nicely with all other colors. For example, it looks perfect underneath a navy V-neck in good-quality cotton.

In short, we can safely bring this is shirt with us into 2018.

«Because of the fresh and versatile blue color, the shirt works just as well in March, as it will in January», the designer says.

Ready for the new year? Here you can take a look at the Cotton Shirt in light blue, which also comes in our XL-sizes