Printed shirts – what works, and what's too much?

The perfect printed shirt makes it easy to dress your outfit up a notch.  


If you´re feeling a bit tired of what you are wearing, and need some new impulses, you should take a better look at the shirt of the week: Basic Shirt Season Print Slim.

«Printed shirts are really hot this season, whether it’s talk of a small and discreet pattern or more bold prints», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

According to the designer, the perfect printed shirt can do wonders for your wardrobe:

«It´s a nice way to renew your wardrobe, without having to exchange everything in it. When it comes to this shirt, it has a nice, small flowered print which will make any everyday outfit just a tad more exciting», Gundersen says.  

Before you go shopping


When you’re looking for a printed shirt, there are a couple of things you should think about before you run to the store:

«It’s smart to have a certain idea about how you intend to use the shirt, and you should preferably take a look in your closet before you go shopping: Perhaps you have a favorite pair of pants you want to use the shirt with, or maybe you want to upgrade your party or formal outfit», designer Niclas Kjøde says

Even though it’s the right print you are on the lookout for, Kjøde advices you to think about the fitting of the shirt as well.

«You should also vision what kind of colours you’d like, so that you don’t end up with a shirt which bashes with the rest of your wardrobe. Then you can easily be stuck with a shirt you can’t use», the stylist says

How to style it

Some people may find it «scary» to style a printed shirt. But it doesn´t need to be difficult or complicated.


«If the shirt has a discreet pattern and colour you can almost picture the shirt as single coloured, and knock yourself out with the styling. If the print is more bold or ‘noisy’, it wise to tone down the accessories, designer Gundersen says.

Stylist Niclas Kjøde agrees.

«This shirt is actually easy-to-use, and you can dress it up and down as you like. This shirt goes well with a dark blue suit, at the same time as you can use it to jeans and under a blazer».

Can there be too much print?

To jump to what we really want to know: when is enough in fact enough?

«You might miss the mark if you have too many bold and different patterns fighting for attention – for instance if you have a pair of shorts with a large, colorful print, and combine it with a shirt with the same amount and type of print», designer Gundersen says.

«But you can easily combine different types of print if you make sure to put one of the pieces in focus. If you for instance have a shirt with a a small and discreet pattern, you can wear it with pair of shorts with a bit more bold pattern.»

In the stylist’s opinion, the useage of print is a subjective matter, but he also has some personal preferences:

«While some people think there can never be too much print, others are on the different side of the scale, believing there is a fine limit. I´m personally a fan of sober usage of pattern and print, and I prefer having it at one piece of the time», Kjøde says.

«I for instance prefer a one colored tie if I wear a printed shirt, and the other way around. This makes for interesting outfits, without having to look like a living disco ball to get people’s attention.  

«What do you want to say to people who fear wearing print?»

«You can solidate with the following: The print is most likely more afraid of you then you are of it.»

Here you take a closer look at the printed Basic Shirt Season Print Slim.