The must-have shirt for colder days

Wrap yourself in flannel

Not only are we heading into a new year, but also what probably will be the coldest month of the year. On those cold days, all we want is to wrap ourselves in woolen sweaters, coats and big scarfs, and no wonder!

But when you take off your sweater or coat, it’s nice to have a well-dressed shirt underneath – that doesn’t make you shiver.

If you as well are looking for a new and warm wardrobe-favorite this winter, you should take a look at the Flannel Shirt in olive, which also comes in our XL-sizes.

«This shirt is made with a hundred percent soft and brushed cotton. The quality is very warm and soft, which is perfect when the temperatures drop», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.


Trending checks

Checks was a big hit this Fall, and if we are to believe the designer, the pattern is

trending this season as well:

«At the same time, checks is a timeless classic. So this is both a classic and modern shirt at the same time. For good reasons, I think this shirt appeals to a lot of men».

Casual yet well-dressed

Less is often more, and that goes for this shirt as well.

«It’s great to use on its own and untucked with both light and dark jeans, as well as chinos, for that casual yet well-dressed look», Gundersen says, adding:

«And if you want to dress the shirt up a notch, it can be nice to use it with a pair of  dark chinos. If you also tuck it in and use a belt, you instantly look more well-dressed»

The fit also makes the shirt extra comfortable and easy to wear:

«It has a so called regular fit. That implies a looser fit, which is especially suitable for this kind of fabric»,


Are you ready for the cold? Here you can take a closer look at the soft classic the checked Flannel Shirt in olive, which is also available in our XL-sizes

Bonus tip: On extra cold days, it can be a good idea to wear light woolen underwear underneath your shirt. Button the shirt all the way up (so the woolen piece doesn’t show), and keep your style, at the same time as you stay warm and comfortable.