The perfect holiday shirt

The shirt that guarantees wrinkle-free packing.


Whether you’re planning a big city break or a beach vacation, packing your suitcase can be a real challenge. Cos how do you find items that are both comfortable to wear in warm weather, that don’t need ironing, and at the same time are suitable for a restaurant?

The answer may be the Cotton Rich Short Sleeve Shirt, which are also available our XL-sizes.

«Because it won’t end up as a wrinkled pile in your backpack or suitcase, this is simply the perfect holiday shirt», designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

Easy care quality

It’s the fabric composition that makes the shirt «easy care»:

«This means that the shirt stays wrinkle-free even after washing. If you just hang it on a hanger straight after you take it out of the washing machine, you don’t have to iron it. That’s what makes it so great and holiday-friendly», the shirt designer says and adds:

«At the same time, it has that button-down collar, which makes it suitable for a bit more formal occasions as well. You can easily wear this shirt to an outdoor lunch or dinner on your holiday».

Great to sun tanned skin

It’s not only the easy care quality that makes this shirt a great one for summer:

«That blueish, turquise colour looks really nice towards a slight sun tanned skin. The shirt is fresh, but without overdoing it», Gundersen says.

And there are two items that go extra well with this shirt:

«Combine it for instance with a navy shorts in brushed cotton. And if it gets a bit chilly during night time, you can easily wear it under a simple cotton jumper».

Are you ready to pack your suitcase? Here you can take a closer look at the easy care Cotton Rich Short Sleeve Shirt, which you can also get in our XL-sizes.