The perfect shirt for sunnier days

Greet the new year with a soft and lightweight flannel shirt

Sunnier days are ahead, and we're more than ready to replace dark and heavy garments with something a little fresher and lighter. Because although it's still cool outside, it won't be so long before we can put away our wool sweater and scarf - and what we want most is to put on a really nice shirt!

If you're also looking forward to the new season, you should check out our new Light Flannel Shirt, which is also available in our XL sizes.

"This shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable, and ideal for the coming season. It is a bit lighter than typical flannel shirts, which means that it isn't going to feel too hot or "autumnal" as we approach the spring," says shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen.

The shirt comes in several attractive and versatile colours - denim blue, ice blue, off-white and olive green, in addition to four chequered and spring-fresh varieties.

So, it's easy to find your favourite!

The best way to use it 

The Light Flannel Shirt is super to use when you want a casual look, but also want to look well-dressed. The perfect leisure or work shirt, in other words.

"You should definitely wear this shirt with jeans. If it's a bit cold or you want to dress up a notch, I would also recommend wearing it under a solid coloured V-neck sweater in good quality cotton," says Gundersen.

"It will also work very well with a pair of chinos, for example, a pair in light khaki, for an even more spring-like look."

Spring is on its way

Chequered patterns have been in fashion during both the fall and winter and, if we are to believe the shirt designer, those squares will also follow us into the spring.

" At the same time, the chequered pattern is also a timeless classic. So, this is both a classic and modern shirt all at once," says the designer.

Are you ready to seize the new year in a nice, soft shirt? Here, you can take a closer look at the Light Flannel Shirt, which is also available in our XL sizes.