The perfect shirt for your black suit

Greet the fall season with a quality shirt in dark lilac.

The black suit is a wardrobe must-have, but evenly important as the suit itself, is to have a great dress shirt.

And if you’re looking for a shirt that goes perfect with your black suit, you should take a look at the quality Cotton Premium Shirt in lilac, which is also available in our XL-sizes.

«Paired with a black or grey suit, this deep purple shirt gives you a confident and sophisticated look», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says. 

«In addition, both the texture and the colour makes it a bit more of an exciting dress shirt then the classic white one. So it’s really an easy and stylish way to «spice up» your suit. 

How to style it

If you’re wondering how to best style the shirt (and the suit), the designer has a few good tips:

«Accessories that goes tone-on-tone with the colour of the shirt are very elegant. A purple tie with texture, or a dark and patterned hanky in wool – for example – will compliment the sophisticated look in a great manner».

«And what should one perhaps stay clear of?»

«With this particular shirt, I recommend ties in darker tones, and that you avoid acessories in very bright colours such as red»

For a more casual look

But even though the shirt is made for the black suit, you mustn’t be afraid to use it outside of the office, or on less formal occasions:

«If you want a more relaxed look, the shirt goes great with a pair of dark jeans and a blazer; for instance a grey blazer in a wool blend, which also screams fall!»

Are you ready for the new season ahead? Here you can take a closer look at the quality Cotton Premium Shirt in lilac, which is also available in our XL-sizes