The shirt that goes perfect with a blazer

Takes you straight from work to party.

The festive season is upon us, and the early Christmas parties is an excellent occasion for dressing up.

But what do you do when the party is right after that important meeting, and you won't have time to go home and change? Or you have to head straight from the office to a nice dinner?

Believe it or not, you don't have to change your shirt along the way – you just need the right shirt.

If you too are looking for a shirt that takes you straight from work to a party, you should check out the Cotton Premium Shirt in grey, which also comes in our XL-sizes

An easy transformation

«You can easily wear this shirt at the office with jeans and a sweater, and then transform it to a more well-dressed look. For a sophisticated and elegant look this season, combine it with a black suit, a black tie and a hankie», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

It’s also comforting to know that the shirt won't change for the worse during the day:

«The shirt is made in a premium 2 PLY cotton quality, which makes it very pleasant to wear. In addition, it doesn't lose its shape», the designer says.

If suiting up feels a bit too much, there is an even easier solution:

«You’ll get far by only changing from the sweater to a nice blazer. Go for a pair of all dark jeans or chinos when you head for work – preferably with a belt. Then you are ready for the evening without having to take with you a whole new outfit», Gundersen says. 

Versatile and elegant

During Christmas festivities, a lot of men swear to the white shirt. But grey can be just as elegant:

«In many ways, you can use grey the way you use black and white», the designer says, adding:

«The grey colour will also be a bit less ‘harsh’ against for instance a black suit then a white shirt will. In that manner, the grey shirt gives you a softer look»

Are you ready to dress up? Here you can take a closer look at the Cotton Premium Shirt in grey, which you can also get in our XL-sizes.