The shirt that goes perfect with jeans and a sweater

A classic for the weekdays

It’s back to business! For most of us that means putting away the festive tie, and bring out clothes which are suitable for both work and leisure time – not to the mention the winter-season.

If you too are looking for a comfortable yet well-dressed everyday-look for the new year, you should check out the Cotton Shirt in dark red, which also comes in our XL-sizes.

Snug and well dressed

«This is the thing about this shirt: It’s made from a 100 per cent cotton, and has a brushed surface, just like flannel. It’s snug and nice to wear this time of year, while you also look well-dressed in it», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

She recommend that you use the shirt with a pair of dark jeans – and you can happily tuck it in.

«This dark red colour is suitable on most men, and works really well with other dark colours. For example, it looks perfect underneath a navy V-neck in good-quality cotton».

Much needed colour

In short, we can safely bring this is shirt with us into 2018.

«By having the shirt visible under the V-neck, you will also infuse your outfit with some much-needed colour on dark winter days, when there’s a lot of black and grey going on», the designer says, adding. 

«At the same time it's not too much either, so you’ll keep it classic and toned-down».

Nice with a blazer

«If you want to dress the shirt up a notch,It also fits really well with a blazer for work, preferably with the shirt tucked in», Gundersen says, adding:

«If you’d like to be less formal after work, you could take the blazer off, untuck your shirt and be ready to go catch a movie or have dinner».

Ready to greet the weekdays? Here you can check out the Cotton Shirt in dark red, which also comes in our XL-sizes