The shirt which gives you that luxurious feeling

The Premium shirt made with extra fine cotton.


If you’re quality conscious, and looking for a shirt that will stay in style, you should check out the Premium Solid Shirt or the XL-shirt Premium Italian Arno Shirt.

«These are simply elegant, classic Premium shirts of very high quality», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

The Premium shirts are namely made with special care and thought:

– The fabrics are made with 100 percent soft Egyptian cotton, which gives you that luxurious feeling – and all to a reasonable price, she says.

Very versatile

The Premium shirt is woven with what the so called 2-ply, the designer explains.

«2-ply means that you have two strands twisted together to make a single thread. This indicates finer quality and higher durability».

The fine weaves also insure the Premium shirt a lustrous look:

«The shirt has a very smooth surface, which makes it both look and feel exclusive. In addition, it fits with cufflinks and can easily be dressed-up, which is something a lot of people appreciate».

The designer also points out how the shirt is very versatile:

«It comes with a regular cut away collar, which makes it suitable for all ties and tie knots. When it comes to the shirt in light blue, this is a colour which fits nicely to a lot of suits in different colours – that definitely eases the job of putting an outfit together.

Perfect on special occasions

The Premium shirt is made for those special occasions, but that doesn’t mean you should only wear it to great parties.

«It definitely serves more than one purpose, and it can be just as suitable at the office as at a summer wedding», Gundersen says.  

Are you ready to update your wardrobe with a classic quality shirt? Here you can take a better look at the Premium Solid Shirt, or the XL-shirt Premium Italian Arno Shirt.