The shirt you can safely use without a tie

For those of you who are a bit tired of tying knots

Party season is just around the corner, and for many, this is synonymous with a suit and tie. But, although it's nice to dress up a little extra around Christmas and New Year's Eve, we must admit that we perhaps get a little tired of tying tie knots by the end of December.

Then, it's good to know that there is a shirt you can safely wear without a tie, namely a dark grey Cotton Shirt, which is also available in our XL sizes.

"This shirt has a 'hidden button' below the collar, which makes sure that the collar stays in place all day. It helps ensure that the shirt looks superb and stylish, even if you drop the tie," says shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen. 


Perfect under a blazer

Although the grey shirt cannot exactly replace the classic, white shirt at the most formal Christmas parties, it has the potential for becoming a new favourite - which you will also have use for in the new year:

"This shirt is absolutely perfect for wearing with a blazer or a light sweater, and it is also excellent with dark jeans. In this respect, it's a very nice shirt to wear for work, or on a bit more relaxed, festive occasions," she says.

Versatile colour  

For anyone who prefers pure materials, it's also nice to know that this shirt is made of 100 percent cotton.

In addition, the grey colour also has one major advantage:

"In many ways, you can use grey in the same way you use white and black, and this makes the grey shirt very versatile. If you additionally have a lot of navy blue in your wardrobe, grey is a great colour to combine with it," says the designer, and adds:

"The dark grey colour will also be a little less "harsh" with a black suit than a white shirt will, and it will thus provide you with a softer look," says Gundersen.