This season’s most versitale shirt

Perfect for everyday-wear and leisure time.

«What so great about the flanell shirt, is how versatile it is. It can be just as suitable for work and a nice dinner as for a weekend at the cabin. It all depends on how you use it, shirt designer Hege Næss gundersen says.

This season, the flanell shirt makes a definite comeback. And if you’re looking for the perfect fit for both everyday-wear and leisure time, you should take a look at the Flanell Shirt Navy, which is also available in our XL-sizes.  


How to style it

«The flanell shirt is great to use on its own and untucked with both light and dark jeans, for that casual yet well-dressed look. And if you want to make it a bit more practical and sporty,  you can easily wear it with a pair of single-coloured cargo pants», the designer says.

«If you on the other hand want to dress the shirt up a notch, it can be nice to use it with a pair of  dark chinos. If you also tuck it in and use a belt, you instantly look more well-dressed»

Comfortable and suitable

Not only is the shirt versatile, it's also easy to look good in.

«The flanell shirt looks its best when it's not too tight. This shirt has a so called regular fit, which indicates a looser and more relaxed fit. This is a fit most men find both pleasant and flattering», Gundersen says, adding:

«At the same time, the shirt is made in a warm and soft cotton quality. And when you feel comfortable and at ease, you tend to look good as well».


A classic pattern

The designer also emphasizes that she’s a fan of the pattern:

«What so great about squares, is that it allows you to use more colours, because it still looks classic and quite discreet». 

Are you ready for an active season? Here you can check out the Navy Flanell Shirt, which also comes in our XL-sizes