Do you know what makes the bedford-shirt unique?

The perfect casual shirt for spring.


We’re moving towards lighter days, and there´s nothing like the feeling of finally throwing away your winter coat, just enjoying the early sun in a fresh shirt.

And if you need some new input for the coming season, you should take a peek at the shirt of the week, Bedford Slim LS Shirt in olive green.

«This is the perfect casual shirt to kickstart spring –  especially if you´re not feeling quite ready for those bright pastel colours», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

Durable Bedford-quality

But to answer the question you might already have asked yourself: What extactly is a bedford shirt?

«It means that the shirt is made with the fabric quality of Bedford cord –  named after the town Bedford in England. Thespecial weft technique gives the fabric stripes or furrows like corduroy, only they are much more discreet» the designer explains.

«Because the shirt doesn’t look like it’s made of corduroy?»

«No, it feels like a ´regular´, yet firm, cotton shirt. What’s so great about the bedford weft, is that it gives the shirt a richer, and more interesting texture – not to mention a more durable fabric.

Made for jeans


In addition to lasting quality, the shirt offers unique details, which makes it just an inch more exciting:

«With its fashionable breast pockets and discreets shoulder hoops, it gives you a hint of the ´army look´, without overdoing it», Gundersen says.

«Not to mention how you can easily roll up the sleeves to make it more relaxed-looking».  

Even though the shirt is specially suitable for more casual occasions, that doesn’t mean you won´t look well dressed when wearing it:

«This shirt works incredibly well with jeans. It is simply made to give you that effortless, laidback style».

Here you can take a better look at the casual shirt of the week, Bedford Slim LS Shirt in olive green.

PS: To keep the shape and good quality of the shirt, it´s important that you don´t use the tumble dryer when washing it.