Why egyptian cotton is a must-have in your wardrobe

You don’t need to pay top dollar for a quality shirt.


If you’re quality-conscious, and looking for a shirt you always will look good in, you should take a better look at the Premium Blue Dobby Shirt, which is made with a hundred percent egyptian cotton.

«Egyptian cotton is widely known to be finer, and superior to other types of cotton», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

«Egyptian cotton shirts are easily recognized by their incredible smooth and luxurious surface, not to mention how long lasting they are. You can wash it again and again, and the quality will stay put».

And even though shirts made with egyptian cotton are top notch and of high standard, the price tag don’t have to be frightening:

«One often has to pay 100 Euros or more for a egyptian cotton shirt. But here you get the same quality for a far more reasonable price. I think a lot of people appreciate that».

From the office to a wedding

The shirt is a definite winner for festive or formal occasions, according to the designer.

«The deep blue colour of the shirt is a perfect match for a navy suit or a blazer. Then you are definitely ready for a wedding or a summer party».

But you don’t necessarily have to dress the shirt up:

«If you use the shirt or a blazer to a pair of jeans, you get a more relaxed look. This works great at the the office, or when you’re heading to a less formal event, but still want to look well dressed.»

The finishing touch

The shirt also offers a slight contrast in orange by the buttonhole at the cuffs, and at the top of the collar.  

«It can be nice to bring out this detail through a hankie, as a finishing touch. By having the blazer and shirt in different shades of blue, accessories like a hankie or tie will certainly come into one’s own», the designer says.

Are you ready to hit the occasion with a quality shirt? Here you can take a closer look at the Premium Blue Dobby Shirt, made with hundred percent egyptian cotton.