Why we love the short-sleeved shirt!

A perfect fit for warmer days.


Do you long for the comfort of T-shirts, but at the same time want to look well-dressed? Then you should check out the short-sleeved shirt Oxford Short Sleeve Seasonal Shirt in coral, or the XL-shirt Oxford in light blue.

«This is the ultimate shirt for warmer days. It feels light and breezy to wear, at the same time as it fits nice to your body», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

Very versatile

As we’re heading towards summer, the short-sleeved shirt is a perfect alternative to the long sleeved one:

«You can use it as a formal shirt, and it’s easy to dress it up with for instance a pair of chinos. It´s definitely made for those summer parties, but that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for special occasions«, Gundersen says and continues;

«It´s also a very nice leisure shirt. It looks great with for instance olive green cargo pants, or shorts on a hot summer day».

Great as it is – or under a blazer


Even though it’s a summer shirt, the designer advices you to steer clear of unbuttoning the shirt completely – unless you’re at the beach or relaxing in the park:

« If you don’t unbutton more than the two upper buttons, you’re safe», she says.

«And what about accessories?»

«A short-sleeved shirt should preferably be used as it is, without accessories or ties – unless you want to look like Andy Sipowitz i NYPD Blue», the designer says.  

«But during a hot summer, a lot of people prefer wearing it under a blazer, as it’s more comfortable and chilling than a long sleeved one. Then you can easily mix the blazer up with a hankie», the designer says.

Cool coral

Being that the shirt comes in coral, it’s extra suitable for the sunny season:

«Coral always works well with navy or other shades of blue. It´s also a very nice colour to match with army or olive green, Gundersen says»

«As far as the XL-shirt goes, the light blue colour is very versatile, and works with about anything you have in you wardrobe».

Are you ready to welcome the summer with the short-sleeved shirt? here you can take a closer look at Oxford Short Sleeve Seasonal Shirt in coral, or the XL-shirt Oxford in light blue.