Why you must have a white shirt in your closet

The classic you will take out of your closet again and again.  


It can save any fashion emergency, and every occasion. Who are we talking about? The white shirt, of course.

If you’re dreaming about a shirt you can enjoy for a long time, and which doesn´t lose its flair after a couple of tumbles in the washing machine, you should be better acquainted with the shirt of the week: The Slim Sateen White Shirt.

«A white shirt goes with everything, whether you’re heading to a party or work. What makes the white shirt so great, is that it can easily be worn with any type of suits and blazer», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

This makes the white shirt an instant classic. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring.

«Of course you can just wear it clean, without a tie or hankie. But you can also combine it with any types of accessories, in any colour you’d like. The only limit is your imagination. »

Comfortable and easy care


What makes this shirt a stayer in your wardrobe, is the nice, but at the same time pleasant quality of the fabric.

«The shirt is made out of cotton, but it also has a good stretch. This makes the shirt incredibly comfortable to wear, not mention to mention easy care».

The shirt being easy care, means that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles or excessive ironing.

«You just have to wash the shirt on 40 degrees, take it out of the washing machine, give it a firm shake, hang it on a hanger – and you’re good to go once it´s dry», the designer explains

A bestseller


One thing is certain: This shirt is immensely popular.

«It’s a favourite among the customers, and a definite bestseller at Dressmann».

– What does this shirt work extra well with, you think?

«The surface of the shirt makes it sophisticated, with a nice and discrete shine. So a lot of people like to wear it when dressing up, preferably with a suit or blazer. But styled with jeans, it´s also a really good alternative for the office or a lunch.»

As with all Dressmann shirts, it works with cufflinks. This makes it easy to dress the shirt up a notch.

«In this shirt, you always look suitable and well dressed. If you hang it in the back of your closet, it´s very much likely that you soon will miss it and take it out again – and give space for it on the front row».

Here you can take a better look at the Slim Sateen White Shirt.