Why you should wear a 100 procent cotton shirt

Greet the premium shirt of extra fine quality.


If you´re quality-conscious, and looking for a shirt that never goes out of style, you should take a better look at the Premium L.Blue Shirt.

«This is simply a classic, elegant shirt of high quality», shirt designer Hege Næss Gundersen says.

The premium shirt is made with no less than a 100 percent soft cotton.

«Not only does it look good, it is also really comfortable to wear. Cotton is known for it’s cooling properties, which allows your skin to breath and keep cool», the designer says.

The fabrics are also woven with so called 2-ply:

«2-ply means that two yarns are twisted together to make a single thread. This indicates higher, and not to mention more solid, quality.»


Treat it well

The premium shirt will definitely be a loyal companion in your wardrobe. And to keep it nice and smooth, you should treat it well.

«First of all: When you put your shirt in the washer, don’t overload your washing machine. This will wrinkle the shirt in the washing process. And second: Always wash your shirt at a lower degree, preferably at 40 or even 30 degrees. You should also lower the paste on the centrifugation», she says.

When taking the shirt out of the washing machine, Gundersen recommends you to   give the shirt a good shake before you hang it on the 


«This will remove water and budd the wrinkles, and help maintain the finer quality».

Perfect for special occasions  

Even though the premium shirt feels like it’s made for those special occasions, it´s not limited to parties or festive events.

«It’s absolutely versatile. Weather you’re going to a wedding, a lunch or the office: the shirt works», the designer says.

«How can one make this shirt spark?»

Luckily, it does that fine on its own. Considering the darker buttonholes and threads, the shirt catches the eyes even when you’re not wearing a tie, Gundersen says and continues:

«Given the discrete and light blue checks on the shirt, you can almost use it as though it was a single coloured shirt. In other words, you can style it with a range of accessories, for instance cufflinks».

Be better acquainted with Premium L.Blue Shirt here.