From day to night

The accessories that work around-the-clock

Going straight from the office to a festive occasion? The Stockholm-based stylist Lalle Johnson tells you how to carry your look from dawn to dusk

Let´s be honest: It can be a real hassle to head from work to happy-hour or a dinner, without freezing on the way or look out-of-place. With busy days, there´s no time to go home and change, and who bothers to carry an extra outfit around?

it is possible, though, to be both practical and stylish throughout the day– without the need of changing your whole look. But how do you do it?

The classics

The key is a fitted blazer and classic accessories; the Stockholm-based stylist Lalle Johnson says.

Johnson, who was recently named one of the best dressed men in Sweden, “hates trends”, and refuse you tell you about the “it-colour” or the “it-garment” of the season. “No, I can´t stand trends. For me it´s all about style” the renowned stylist says and continues:

“My best tip is to Invest in a good blazer in a neutral colour that fits your body properly, and pair it up with a hankie.Remember: the breast pocket is not made for pens, it should be clothed,” Johnson says and laughs.  “With these two items, you can´t go wrong”.

Looking for a hankie

But when you look for a hankie, what should you look out for?

”In my opinion, you should go for discreet colours and/or discreet patterns, not bright colours or flashing patterns”.

”Many men think that a bright, flashing hankie will do justice to an outfit in neutral colours – because it stands out. But you don´t want to mix a black suit, for instance, with one bright and yellow hankie sticking up like a light bulb from your pocket.  When you walk into a room, don´t look like an ambulance”, he says.

According to Johnson, a hankie should always pick up on a minor colour in the tie, shirt, blazer or shoe.

“Personally, I like it when the outfit is in different shades of a colour, like brown or blue, having the hankie, or the pattern of the hankie, in one shade of that colour. But unless you have a white shirt and a white hankie, the hankie should never, never match the shirt or the tie completely”.

Wearable wool

A great way to keep your style throughout the day, yet avoid a sudden shudder, is to invest in a woollen scarf.

“Again, I would recommend a discreet and single-coloured one. Personally, I´m a big fan of the grey and brown ones, because they work really well with a blue coat”.

But wool is not only for outdoors, Johnson reminds us.

“A woollen item is perfect for those who worry about looking “too dressed-up”, because it has that rugged texture. A woollen tie is a great way to bring that texture into your outfit, without sweating or overdoing it. You can easily put the tie in your bag if you don´t want to wear it at work as well”, Johnson says.

Easy to dress-up

If you want to easily dress up your look after work, there´s one final tip: All Dressmanns´ shirts are made for cufflinks, which makes it really easy to take your work shirt up a notch.

If you find the cufflinks to dressed-up for work, keep them in your pocket during the day, and take them on when heading out for that nice after work-dinner.