From head to toe

7 must-have accessories this season

 You don´t need a hundred scarfs. Be ready for anything with these classic and woolly items.

“Wool is the way to go during fall and winter. Wool that´s not too thick fits perfectly with the high temperature indoors and cold temperatures outdoors”, the Stockholm-based stylist Lalle Johnson says.

We definitely agree. Nothing works better in chilly weather then wool, knit and leather. Here´s the best accessories for fall and winter– that will keep you both warm and stylish from head to toe. 

1. Rib knit hat

Luckily, there is a middle ground between freezing your ears of and looking like you’re going on a polar expedition.

“Go for a simple rib knit hat in a neutral colour. The hat will fit most hairstyles, it doesn´t itch and it prevents loss of body heat”, the Oslo-based stylist Niclas Kjøde says and continues:

“I always advice men to stay clear of hats with patterns or bright colours. It might look cool in the store, but placed on your head, it can easily look like you have just borrowed a five year olds´ playing hat.”

Here you find the versatile rib knit hat in different colours

2. Wool woven scarf

There´s really no point in having 20 different scarves lying around in your wardrobe. The one you really need is a woollen one, which is both practical and warming from early fall to late winter.

“If you want to make one investment, You´ll be wise to choose a woollen scarf in a single colour. Go for instance with a grey one, which will work really well with a black or blue coat. When choosing a single-coloured scarf, you know it will fit everything in your wardrobe, Kjøde says.

“But at the same time: If you want to challenge your look or only have single coloured clothes in your wardrobe, you can easily spark up you look with a scarf in a subtle pattern, for instance a scarf with shades of checks or stripes.”

Play it safe or bold? Either way, here you find our favourite woollen scarves in both single colours and patterns.

3. Wool tie

Although a woollen tie won´t make you that much warmer, it´s still a great piece for fall and winter.

“Pieces with textures are very right this season. The woollen fabric brings a nice contrast to “the sleeker” parts of your outfit – like a suit, blazer or shirt – and roughens the look. A woollen tie will make you look rugged and masculine, yet classically elegant”, Kjøde says.

Look for other suitable ties here.



4. Woollen hankie

Like the woollen tie, you do not choose a woollen hanky for practical reasons, but simply for style.

“It´s very in line with the classic, British style where one mixes tweed, flannel and wool with other sleeker garments.  You don´t need to drape yourself in tweed, a small hanky or a tie in wool makes all the difference”, Kjøde says.

Here you find other great hankies.

5. Leather gloves

“Every man must have at least one pair of leather gloves in their wardrobe. Not only do they protect your hands form snow, rain and cold temperatures, but they are also elegant and versatile”, the stylist says.

Check out our full gloves guide here!


6. Leather belt

If you are one of those people who need to pause what you´re doing every five minutes to pull up your pants from preventing them to fall down: stop it. There is a simple solution: Invest in a solid belt that fit both your waist and every occasion.

“Choose leather. Since leather is a natural fabric, it will both last longer and look better the more you use it”.

Find your new lasting leather belt here.


7. Ullsokker

Last but not least: In cold, wet weather, cotton or synthetic socks just won´t do the trick. When cotton gets wet, it loses all insulating powers.  Then, it really doesn´t matter how warm your boots are – if you wear cotton socks, your feet will still be cold.

Wool, on the other hand, is a great insulator, and woollen socks will also dry a lot quicker then synthetics or cottons. In addition – woollen socks will also make your feet smell better in those tight suit shoes or winter boots of yours, due to their earing and anti-bacterial properties.

Woollen socks are not synonymous with sheep-like feet. Here you find thin, yet warming, woollen socks that work in every shoe.