Hand in glove

A must-have this fall:

Take matters into your own hand this season: Here´s our ultimate gloves guide for fall and winter. From James Bond´s macho leather gloves to the elegant driving gloves of Ryan Gosling: These men are living proofs that gloves are not only good for keeping your hands warm or protected. They can also be stylish, and sharpen your overall look.

Goes with anything

The great thing about leather gloves is that they easily match or compliment what you already have in your wardrobe. Karl Lagerfeld always wears gloves to suits, David Beckham pairs them up with a woollen coat, while Kanye West mixes his knitted leather gloves with a hoodie. In other words – it´s hard to find an occasion or outfit that doesn´t work well with gloves.

To convince you just how important this piece of garment can be: A black leather glove even played a crucial part in the notorious murder trial of O.J Simpson. For those who have recently seen the true crime series “The People v. O. J. Simpson”, you might be familiar with the phrase ”If the glove doesn´t fit, you must acquit”.

Well, guilty or not – here´s our best tips to make sure your gloves actually fit.

The real leather gloves

“You have leather gloves, and you have leather gloves”, the Stockholm-based stylist Lalle Johnson says. Working with menswear for centuries, the renowned stylist knows what makes a good pair of gloves.

“Even though the price tag says leather gloves, that might not be the case. So make sure the gloves are in fact real leather, and not in a replica fabric like plastic. The plastic ones won´t keep your hands warm and protected, they won´t last very long and they won´t look good outside of the store”, Johnson says.


Choose your pick

At Dressmann, you can choose from a variety of leather gloves. And yes – the gloves are all 100 % real leather.

“If you want no fuss and good quality, I would recommend The Classic Leather Glove. For top notch quality, I would go for a pair of gloves made of soft goat skin ”, the Oslo-based stylist Niclas Kjøde says.

If your hands get easily cold or you find yourself in icy temperatures, you should pick a pair of leather gloves with nice and warm lining.

“Those are very practical. They have a knitted elastic band that fits your wrist, which gives great isolation”, Kjøde says.

The fitting

And the final bench mark: When buying leather gloves, don´t forget to think about size and fitting.

“Remember that leather is a natural fabric, which means that your gloves will enlarge with time, Johnson says and continues”.

“So try the different sizes on, and when in doubt, just ask for help in the store. Those who work at Dressmann are qualified to help”.

If you´re looking for something else than a pair of leather gloves, you can also find warming and great-looking ribknit gloves and suede gloves at the Dressmann Store.