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Tell us what type of person you are, and we'll show you the perfect jeans

Are you most comfortable on a bicycle, at the student pub, or maybe on your couch? Here are the jeans that are just right for you.We're all looking for the ultimate jeans. The pair that neither feels too tight or loose, those that lend themselves to several occasions, and the jeans that lift your rear to new heights.

However, in the jungle of colours and shapes, it is easy to get lost.

To help you in your search for jeans, we have created a map that is easy to read: Just tell us what type of person you are, and we'll show you the pants that have the potential of being a hit!

Montana Jeans  

Muscle Bundle (Maine Mid Blue)

Whether you work out hard in the fitness room or were made that way by nature: If you have stocky thighs and/or wide hips, you need jeans with adequate room in those areas.

Maine Athletic Fit is made especially for any of you with a full figure or muscular lower body, and it also has a classic and clean design. In addition to having more roomy thighs than regular jeans, it comes with a higher waist - which is perfect if you have a little extra volume in the rear. You will probably also appreciate the fact that the jeans have ample stretch, as this makes them super comfortable!

In these jeans, you can confidently do some extra squats, show off your muscles at a job meeting, or relax on the couch after a long day.

Montana Jeans  

The fitness freak (Montana Max Stretch Mid Blue)

You prefer to bike to work, and you're never without your pulse monitor. Winter is for skiing, and summer means only one thing: Tour de France. You also love the feeling you get after a tough jog, just as much as you love clothes with technical qualities. Does this sound familiar? If so, then Montana Max Stretch jeans are your new best friend!

These jeans have fabric that stretches in all directions. This makes them far better suited for a high level of physical activity than regular jeans, and they're also incredibly comfortable to move around in. If you're outside in conditions of poor visibility, you would be wise to roll up your trouser legs - which will expose smart, little strips of reflective tape that make you visible in the dark.

So, go ahead and speed off to your job meeting - knowing that you are still keeping it classic and looking well-dressed.

 Nevada Jeans

The Hipster (Nevada Premium Cloud White)  

Your hallway is full of sneakers; of course, you've seen the new, French favourite for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars; and you find it odd that not everyone wants a record player. You love filter coffee and can slap together a Friday night taco that would even put a Mexican food joint in L.A. to shame. Just admit it: you're a hipster!

Our guess is that you already have a closet full of blue and black jeans, and you need something new that will stand out from the ones you always wear - and from all the people you hang out with. If so, then you should check out our Nevada Premium. The jeans are made of an exclusive and masculine-looking type of quality denim, and they have a particularly nice finish - as there is a grey weft thread that gives the jeans a great depth of colour instead of being done in "tacky" white.

These are the jeans that go perfectly with your new Adidas shoes and are guaranteed to jazz up that dress shirt and t-shirt two or three notches. 

 Classic Nevada Jeans

The Classic (Nevada Stretch Mid Blue)

You like to keep it simple and minimalist, and your life philosophy is that things absolutely must be functional! If there is one thing you don't like, then it is unnecessary crap and affectation. At the same time, you live life to the fullest and enjoy well-organised weekdays just as much as you love the weekend.

Nevada Stretch Mid Blue is your ideal match. With its clean and quality-denim look, these are jeans with a capital J. The medium-blue colour is a classic, washed jeans colour and highly versatile.

We should also mention that the jeans have ample stretch and are therefore incredibly comfortable. This means they fit equally well - regardless of whether you must dash off to work or want to enjoy a nice red wine on the couch.

 Montana Max Stretch

The Business Man (Montana Max Stretch Stay Black)

You know the departure hall at Oslo Airport better like the palm of your hand since you literally fly from meeting to meeting. You are basically a businessman with capital B, but that doesn't mean that you always zip around in suits - and your blazer is never too far away.

Montana Max Stretch Stay Black is ideal for hectic and long days. That's because these jeans have fabric that stretches in all directions, which makes them maximally comfortable while sitting for a few hours on the plane or train - without compromising on style. Thanks to the Stay Black wash, you are also assured that the jeans will remain black — even after many washes, so that you keep things sophisticated and stylish.   

And precisely because these jeans are so comfortable, you won't need to change clothes when you finally land and want to relax with the Wall Street Journal or try out the new sushi restaurant up the street.

 Vermont Selvedge Rinse

The Retro Fan (Vermont Selvedge Rinse)

You like things to be authentic and classically-designed, and you're definitely not a slave to vain trends. You occasionally ponder how "everything was better in the old days", and how you'd like to get in a time machine and travel back to the '50s. You are simply a quality-conscious Retro Fan, and so is Vermont Selvedge!

These jeans are sharply inspired by how jeans were originally made, and has the characteristic feature on the selvedge: Namely, the wide white edge with a red thread in the middle. This prevents the edge of the jeans from unravelling, and it is also visible as a nice detail when you cuff the pant legs.

With Selvedge, you get "the real deal" - the authentic, clean denim look. And it actually goes well with most things in life, don't you agree?

 Arizona Stay Black Jeans

The Student (Arizona Stay Black)

You're King of the Study Hall once your student loan arrives but must cash in your empty bottles so you can afford packs of instant tomato soup at the end of the month. You're ecstatic if you find some cash in your pocket and drop by Burger King just to snag some "complimentary" packs of salt and pepper.

As a student, you naturally love jeans while you also hate to spend scholarship money on expensive clothes. Alas, fortunately, there are Arizona Stay Black jeans. The jeans cost 39.95 Euros and get you a lot of denim for not a lot of money. These jeans are made of 100 percent cotton and can withstand many washes and many visits at the student pub, in addition to taking on your body shape over time. Best of all, the pants actually stay black, even after many cycles in the washing machine.

So, you don't have to buy new jeans every single month and can instead spend the money on Thursday's concert or Today's Special in the cafeteria. Win-win!

Have you found your favourite?  Dressmann has a rich assortment of waist sizes including jeans all the way down to size 29, and all the way up to 58.  We also have both size 30 and 34 lengths in several of our models of jeans.