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Did you think that a suit is just a suit? We have an assortment for all styles, body types, occasions and pocketbooks.

Easy Care Regular Fit


If you want a classic suit that isn’t stiff and doesn’t beg for attention or break the bank, then Easy Care Regular Fit is the answer.

An affordable alternative for anyone looking for a timeless and elegant suit with a formal appearance. The proper fit and fabric in polyester and viscose makes the suit so soft and comfortable that you can wear it for hours without starting to wish you were in sweatpants.

Available in black or medium blue.

149 €


Tip! Because of the extra wear and tear that pants must endure, it can be smart to have an extra part of pants in the closet so that your suit will last even longer.

Easy Care Slim


This is the suit you can wear at a party without worrying about staining it or dancing until the pants rip.

This is the suit you can wear to a party with a clear conscience.

Easy Care Slim is a classic and cool suit with a slimmer fit. Thanks to a durable blend of polyester and viscose, it can take a beating. And if you somehow manage to wear it out, the reasonable price tag ensures that you won’t be financially ruined.

Available in black or medium blue.

149 €


Tip! Did you know that all our suit jackets and pants are sold separately so that you can select jackets and pants of assorted sizes if you need to?

Wool Stretch Reg Fit


Are you on the hunt for a suit that stays in style, feels comfortable and is a versatile companion on your travels, look no further.

Wool Stretch Regular Fit gives you lots of value for the money! The blend of wool, polyester and Lycra ensures not only that it is extremely comfortable, and that the fabric does not wrinkle easily, but it also safeguards that the suit will be long-lasting.

Available in black, medium blue and charcoal.

199 €


Tip! If you want to jazz your look up a notch, you can style your suit with a waistcoat in the same series.

Wool stretch Slim


Wool Stretch Slim keeps both quality and style intact.  

A classic suit with a modern cut. The narrow fit is ideal – whether you have a slim figure, are wanting a trendy look, or just prefer to feel the fabric near your body. The durable fabric in wool, polyester and Lycra guarantee maximum comfort, minimal wrinkling, and a suit that will keep pace for a good, long while.

Available in black, navy blue, medium blue, charcoal, and beige.

199 €


Tip! The Wool Stretch suit in beige is perfect for summer weddings and parties.

Super 100


This is the suit that oozes with quality.

The Super 100 is a classic suit of superior quality. It is crafted in 100 percent wool, and the thin wool fibres ensure that the suit is light and comfortable, simple to care for and – not least – that you’ll be a sight to behold.

Available in black, navy blue, blue grey, brown and charcoal.

249 €


Tip! Did you know that several of our suit jackets are available in three different lengths: regular, short and long?

Super 100 TUX Shawl


Our modern twist on the classic tuxedo.

The Super 100 Tux Shawl is a modern version of the traditional tuxedo where the jacket has a curved lapel. It is of premium quality and has all the traditional details a tuxedo should have, including silk trim, a patterned lining and a double split back.

249 €


Tip! Black, patented leather shoes in the Oxford style are sure bets with a tuxedo.

Super 100 TUX Peak


Formal, timeless and elegant: The traditional tuxedo is an undying classic.

A tuxedo is among the finest garment you can wear, and our Super 100 Tux Peak has everything you might desire from a classic tuxedo: Peak lapel, silk trim, jacket with double split back, and pants with concealed fastening. Fabric in 100 percent wool ensures superior quality and an airy and comfortable feeling.

249 €


Tip! Remember to get some new black socks to go with your tuxedo.