7 mistakes to avoid when buying a suit

Does your suit fit like a sack or a unitard? Make sure that your suit actually fits, and follow these guidelines from our expert.

No matter how fresh or shiny it looks from the store window: If a great suit doesn’t fit you, it simply won´t look that great on you. While a poorly fitted suit won´t be doing you any favors, a solid-fitting will make you look smart, sharp and ready for anything – regardless of the suit´s price.

So when you´re out suit-hunting, make sure to avoid these common errors. Write them in the back of your mind, or even print them out – and you´ll literally be fit for every occasion.

1. Trousers that are too long. In worst case, it looks sloppy and messy. But how do you know if your pants are to long? There´s one simple rule, stylist Niclas Kjøde explains:  «If pools of fabric fold or bunch over your shoes, or worse, make a «break» or crease in the fabric,  it´s time to take the trousers up an inch or two».

2. Trousers that are too short. Let´s be honest: You don´t want to give people the impression that you have outgrown your suit from high school, yet still using it. Although shorter trousers are trendy at the moment, there´s a fine limit. «The edge of the trousers should kiss the top of your shoes. Then you certainly have a suitable length», Kjøde says.

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3. Too long or short sleeves. The jacket is just as important as your pants. While too-long sleeves can make you look careless, too-short sleeves can look kind of odd and childish. «Make sure the jacket ends about 1/2 inch above your shirt sleeve. You don´t need to be obsessive about it, but it should end at the base of your hand», Kjøde says.

According to the stylist, many men make the mistake of choosing too long sleeves for the sake of comfort. «Some men think they can find the correct length of the sleeves by putting their hands in the air, complaining that the jacket gets too short when they stretch their arms as high up as they can. But your arms are not supposed to be in the air when wearing a suit, they should be hanging down nicely by your side», Kjøde says and laughs.

4. Drowning shoulders. Don´t equate lots of breathing room for your shoulders with a well-fitting suit jacket. Too baggy shoulders creates lumps of fabric or wrinkles on the sleeve and the top of your jacket, which is unflattering. « A proper-fitted jacket lies flat on your upper body and ´hugs´ your shoulder», Kjøde says.

Shoulders are known to be one of the hardest pieces to adjust, so you´ll be wise to buy a suit that is not a completely off-fit to your shoulders.

5. A too-long jacket. Having a jacket with the right length is more important than you think. While an ideal-fitting jacket compliments your figure and posture, a too-long jacket do the opposite. «Make sure that your suit jacket falls a bit past your waist and drape over the top of the curve at your buttocks», the stylist says and continues : «Are you wearing a black, formal suit, the end line of your jacket should basically fall in place with the end of the pants´ zipper. Are you wearing a lighter, less formal suit, you can play a bit more with the length», Kjøde says.

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6. Choosing a spiderman-suit. «Your suit should hug your body, but not squeeze or choke it», the stylist reprimands. If you´re not able to bend your knees or sit down without risking a tear, the suit is too tight. If you´re uncertain of the size while trying it on in the store, it´s better to buy a suit a bit on the loose side, because it´s naturally easier for a tailor to sew a suit in then out later.

7. Ignoring advice or tailoring. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not asking for fitting advice from friends, family, employees at the store or a tailor. Even if you are trying on a suit in your natural stance, it´s not always easy to see or judge minor fitting-flaws on your own body in the mirror.

«All those who work at Dressmann are knowledgable and skilled when it comes to suits. They know a good fitting when they see it, and can detect small, but important fitting-errors», the stylist says.

He emphasizes that all Dressmann-stores can do fitting-adjustments to your suit, or recommend a tailor for larger custom adjustments. «For a small amount of money and effort, the adjustments does wonders to your over-all-look in the suit».

Happy suit hunting!