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7 ways to clean and care of your suit

These are the items, means and methods that will eventually save the day:

1. The lint brush

When your only suit is covered in hair and dust, a proper lint brush or suit brush is a must-have item. Consider it a useful addition to the bachelor pad as well as the family home. A cheap sticky lint roll will also do, in fact, it’s just as good and both will work wonders for your suit.

The lint brush is covered in special fibers that, when you swipe gently with the fibers, remove any lint that have accumulated on your clothing. The sticky roll, on the other hand, is basically a wide paper backed tape with its sticky side out.

A genius invention that removes hairs, dust and whatever else that hides in the fabric. Sticky rolls are easy to come by, and you can get one in one of Dressmann’s stores, in a well sorted department store or at the hotel desk.

2. Use a garment bag

Get yourself a proper garment bag and start using it right away. The bag itself doesn’t have to be expensive, it only has to protect you suit from the dust, fumes and smells of your surroundings. Make sure that the bag is ventilated by opening the zip a little, if not, the inside of the bag will probably become moldy. The folding design on modern garment bags also saves you a lot of space, and most types also have interior pockets to store your cufflinks, bow ties and what nots. You can find garment bags in Dressmann’s stores.
3. Stain spotting

When looking for embarrassing stains, remember to do it in a place with sufficient lighting. Inside your dressing room or standing in the bathroom you will hardly spot anything on a dark colored suit, but take it outside in the daylight, and you’ll be able to detect almost anything. So will others.  
4. Stain removal

Is that beluga caviar on your elbow? Some tiramisu cake on your left shoulder? Stains are bound to happen, and you better remove them before showing up at church or the office party. If you’ve got a badly stained suit there is basically one main rule: Leave it to the professionals.

If you absolutely have to remove it yourself, find a clean cloth, apply some hot water and start rubbing — gently. Very gently.

Depending on what type of stain, you may have to use some light detergent to get rid of greasy stains, but remember to treat the fabric as gently as possible. Far too many suits have been ruined by desperate grooms. Never ever try to remove any stain with toilet paper or anything that dissolves. It will only cause more pain, leaving fragments of white toilet paper looking like dandruff on your suit. 
5. Steam it

A steam cleaner will probably save you a lot of time and money, especially if you use your suits often. Steam clean your suit after wearing it, but only when needed. Most of the wrinkles and odours will air out if you just hang the suit in a ventilated area. Too much steaming will cause the suit to lose its shape.

6. Have it pressed

A freshly pressed suit looks as good as new, so try to get it pressed as often as possible, preferably by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re staying in a hotel, chances are that they can do it for you. If not, most menswear stores that sell suits can help you out if needed. 
7. Hang it

This is probably more important than most people think: Always remember to hang your suit after using it. Always! Never use metal wire hangers, always choose quality hangers with wide wooden shoulders. This helps your jacket maintain its shape, effectively extending the time you’ll be able to wear it.