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These are the rules for suiting up

A suit is the classic and immortal party outfit for men. You will always look nice in a suit, but there are a few traps and mistakes you would want to avoid. A couple of small tips and tricks will make you look extra classy and bring more attention to you and your outfit.
Suits come in different colors, and some colors is more appropriate for certain occasions than others. However there are three colors every man should have in the closet: black, gray and blue.

The most formal suit is naturally a black one combined with a white shirt. But did you know other dark colors like dark gray and navy blue is accceptable in formal settings?
A black suit might be perceived as stiff and elegant, but black is perfect for important meeting, weddings or new year’s parties. If you are wearing a black suit, the entire outfit should be toned down and kept somewhat conservative. A white shirt and a simple tie is the classic look, but the tie can be swapped out with something fresh if you are dressing for a party. Black shoes is the only acceptable footwear when using a black suit.

Navy blue suits are more modern and casual than a black one, but it can still be used in formal settings. The navy blue suit is the most usable colored suit, and an absolute must-have. The shirt can be white, but it is possible to experiment with other light colors or something that creates a contrast with your jacket. A dark purple colored tie looks good with a navy blue suit. When wearing a navy blue suit you can use both black and brown shoes.

A modern and trendy man may be attracted to a gray suit. As the navy blue suit, a gray suit can be used in both semi formal settings and more festive occasions, making it a versatile colored suit. A white shirt will work great with a gray jacket, but a black shirt with a gray tie can look cool as well. Your footwear could be either black or brown, or if you’re going full monochrome; try gray shoes.

Whether or not you use a tie depends on the situation and how formal you want to appear. No tie, and an open shirt fits perfectly at a casual summer party for instance.
Two buttons on the jacket is more modern than three, but regardless of the number of buttons, the bottom button should always be open. When standing, the top button on a two-button jacket, and the middle one on a three-button jacket should be buttoned. However, the second you sit down, you should open up the jacket.
Remember to remove the stitches if your jacket has one or more splits in the back. You do not necessarily have to cut open the pockets if they are stitched together, unless you are using the pockets. You ─ and your jacket ─ will look better if you keep your stuff in the innerpocket anyway.
PS: your belt should always match the color of your shoes.